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+ A few of our favorites.

As we stand on the threshold of a new year, I’ve been reflecting on the journey that 2023 has been for Primer. It marked our 15th year since starting in 2008, and we’ve surpassed our highest traffic day ever five times this year. It’s a year that fills me with pride for what we’ve shared and achieved.

At Primer, we’re not just a magazine; our contributors have tirelessly pursued the goal of tackling real questions, problems, and frustrations regular guys deal with often ignored by a media landscape dominated by sensationalism and the shine of fleeting trends. Primer has remained steadfast in our commitment to focusing on helpful ideas and value.

As we turn our attention to the blank canvas of 2024, I’m excited to share some of the exciting plans we have in store for you. But before we begin again, let’s take a moment to revisit the articles that resonated most with readers, and perhaps uncover some of our favorites that may have missed the first time around.

Thank you for being a part of the Primer community. We couldn’t have done it without your enduring support, and I look forward to the exciting year ahead.

To a thoughtful and happy new year,

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Hierarchy is a Secret Trick When Creating Outfits with Layers

Consider this when you’re stuck staring into your closet.

Fall Getup Week: Proof Men’s Casual Style Can Be Comfortable and Easy

A laid-back outfit can be intentional, striking that perfect chord between comfort and effort.

Realistic Ways to Eat Better, Workout Harder, and Get More Results

Transforming your lifestyle isn’t about radical changes, but daily habits. This article by long-time contributor Brad Borland, a certified fitness expert, explains the power of small, consistent adjustments for achieving lasting fitness and nutrition goals, offering practical advice for building better habits, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or sticking to a workout program.

a man looking at planes in front of 4 arrows in a circle that spell out OODA

Overcome life’s unexpected challenges with the OODA Loop, a proven method developed for fighter pilots that helps you make quick, smart decisions in the face of chaos and uncertainty. 

Experience Effortless Winter Style with This Light and Neutral Outfit

Lighten up your winter wardrobe with this effortlessly stylish outfit curated by style contributor Daniel Baraka, featuring a cozy camel overcoat, a warm roll neck sweater, and versatile raw hem jeans. This ensemble’s timeless appeal and neutral tones make it perfect for various occasions, promising comfort and sophistication throughout the cold season.

brown boots next to black pants

For some reason, guys always think this combo is a no-no. We’ll show you how to do it right.

an astronaut meditating

illustration of several knife types

Our guide demystifies the myriad shapes and grinds that define these essential tools, from the precise cuts of a Tanto blade to the robust versatility of a Drop Point.

Free Wall Art: Vintage Neon Cocktail Sign

Fresh art to fill your walls.

The Unlikely Style Icon: How Birkenstock Bostons Won Me Over – 4 Outfits + Alternatives

Surprisingly, a style of footwear I once overlooked has filled an essential void.

Use These Weekly And Monthly Review Templates To Build The Life You Want

Unlock a life of purpose and progress with practical strategies: discover how a simple routine of weekly and monthly reviews can transform wasted efforts into meaningful success.

How to Make Yourself Do the Things You Don’t Want to According to Science

Redefine your approach to challenges, from snow shoveling to hard conversations, with practical tips that blend psychology and real-world savvy.

Patchy or Sparse Facial Hair? 5 Beard Tips for Guys with Bad Beard Genetics from a Guy with Bad Beard Genetics (Before & After Photos)

How I learned to love and style my sparse, patchy beard.

The Real Reasons Beer, Wine, and Cocktails are Served in So Many Different Types of Glasses: A Visual Explanation

Wouldn’t it be more practical for a bar to just have one type of glass for all of the cocktails they serve? It would…but here’s why they don’t

If You Need a Dark, Casual Outfit for an Evening Out, This is It + 5 Variations

Starting with the importance of color and featuring versatile elements like a bomber jacket, sweater polo, and more, ensuring you’re effortlessly well-dressed for any laid-back yet sophisticated occasion.

The Best Whiskeys Under $100 for You, Your Friends, Colleagues, and Gifts

From the sweet and nutty notes of wheated bourbon to the smoky and medicinal tang of Islay Scotch gain a deeper appreciation for your next dram.

How Does a Man Develop a Personal Style?

A straight-forward framework for anyone to build a personal style that feels authentic.

painting of a man thinking

Some of the things that are holding us back the most are the things we’re holding onto the tightest.

No, Timeless Style Is Not a Made Up Marketing Term [Essay]

And it may not mean what it sounds like.

4 Common Mistakes Men Make That Destroy Their Relationships

You’ll be surprised how smooth everything will become.

5 Valuable “Hippie Rules” That Helped Me Live A Much Happier Life

If you want to be happy, learn from happy people.

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go to the Tailor for Alterations

Easily the biggest “secret hack” to improving your style, learn essential tips on finding the right tailor, understanding alteration terms, and ensuring a perfect fit for your clothes without breaking the bank.

This Timer Changed How Our Family Handles Screen Time With Our Small Child

Feeling frustrated in your battle to manage your kid’s screen time? Try this.

The Ultimate Guide to Beef Cuts: How to Choose, Cook, and Enjoy the Best Meat

All beef, no bull–read this before cooking your next steak.

The Beauty and Struggles of Parenting a Child with an Exceptional Mind

Learning to parent with openness and flexibility.

5 Things Boot Camp Taught Me About Motivation – And They Might Not Be What You Think

+ How it applies to everyday life.

Mastering Spring Layering for Wind & Rain

Layered up as we sail on to summer.

The Weekend Bag is Not the Right Bag for Airline Travel

Travel smarter.

How To Use Pearson’s Law To Reach Your Goals Faster

Harness the power of awareness and accountability.

How to Wear a Trench Coat Without Looking Like a 1930s Detective

The trench coat not only boasts a military and luxury heritage but is also designed to be incredibly practical, making it the perfect addition to any man’s spring wardrobe, no PI license required.

The 10 Most Surprising Things I Learned While Earning My Masters in Kinesiology

Where muscle meets mind.

Fall Getup Week: Business Casual Beyond Blazers and Khakis

Experience a reimagined approach to business casual that blends traditional elements with modern versatility.

How to Style a Navy Blazer + Our Picks

18 ways to wear the most versatile piece in your wardrobe.

Review: Todd Snyder’s Dylan Suede Trucker Jacket + A Couple of Outfits

Loved by famous guys for years, and coveted by me from a distance for just as long, I finally purchased it. But now that the novelty has faded, was it worth it?

Form Meets Function: 11 Products That Look as Good As They Perform

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

4 Powerful One-sentence Lessons That Will Make You Mentally Unbreakable

How to persist through anything.

Review: Is The Flint & Tinder Hoodie With a 10 Year Guarantee Worth The Price?

With fast fashion brands promising little beyond the latest trends, Flint and Tinder’s 10 Year Hoodie and its bold warranty beg the question: can superior materials and workmanship justify the higher price?

Blazer, No Tie: 5 Specific Tips for Hitting the Dressy Sweet Spot in a Casual Age

Unlock the secrets to effortlessly blending style and comfort with a blazer—no tie required.

4 Valuable Skills Every Man Needs To Build Healthy Relationships

How to actually “do the work” to create better connections.

3 Sure Fire Signs Someone Is Worth Building A Deep Connection With

And a few “false flags” to watch out for.

Hate Networking But Know You Have To? These 12 Tips Will Help Make It Easier

Break through your networking anxiety.

15 Investment Picks for When You’re Ready to Buy One of These Things for Life

Buy once, cry once.

Training for Life: How the Lessons Learned in the Gym Prepared Me for My Cancer Battle

In the gym, we find more than physical fitness; we train for the resilience to stand tall against life’s darkest and most challenging moments.

Ghostbusters Inspired J.Crew And You Can’t Convince Me Otherwise – Outfits + Style Picks

Finding great casual style in my favorite film.

Lost in Symptom-land: How to Live Life When Doctors Don’t Know What’s Wrong with You

The only thing worse than hearing a terrible diagnosis is “all your tests look normal.”


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