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Internet personality Logan Paul announced today that he is delivering on his promise to repurchase CryptoZoo non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that were originally sold last year. Paul has launched a website at http://EGGNFTBUYBACK.COM allowing original buyers of CryptoZoo’s Base Egg and Base Animal NFTs to submit claims for buybacks at their original purchase price.

“I approached the CryptoZoo project like everything else I am passionate about – with only the best possible intentions and success for everyone who shared our vision,” Paul stated. “I never made a single penny from the project, period.”

Paul committed over $2.3 million of his own money for the buyback program. He expressed disappointment that the intended CryptoZoo game was not delivered as initially promised.

Today, I am incredibly happy to announce that I am delivering on my promise to buy back Base Egg and Base Animal CryptoZoo NFTs for their original purchase price. This buy-back program is being carried out at https://t.co/XIQzLAGKiG. Claims can be submitted through this site… pic.twitter.com/VMPDHvdXkq

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) January 4, 2024

“As I said a year ago, CryptoZoo was derailed by bad actors. Bad actors who DID steal money and who betrayed our team while internally sabotaging the game,” Paul alleged. “This has now been confirmed by an extensive investigation that has involved a forensic analysis of blockchain activity and the review of thousands of communications.”

Paul stated he has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Texas to hold certain individuals accountable for allegedly fraudulent behavior related to CryptoZoo’s failure to launch. He shared a link to the 25-page lawsuit containing these allegations.

Regarding the game itself, Paul regretfully announced it will not be released after all. He had spent $400,000 personally to develop CryptoZoo, but ultimately determined there were too many regulatory obstacles to overcome.

The buyback program is intended to make whole those individuals who had intended to use their NFTs within the game, Paul explained, rather than compensate crypto traders who attempted to profit from the Zoo token itself.

Claims can be submitted at http://EGGNFTBUYBACK.COM through February 8th. Paul thanked buyers for their patience with the buyback process, calling it the “first ever NFT buy-back.”


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