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Amazon Prime Day is officially upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you’re overwhelmed already. There are literally thousands of items on sale across every category you could imagine. Apparel and accessories, electronics, home essentials, beauty products, and more—it’s literally all on sale. Oh, and you have less than 48 hours to shop it. 
With so many deals in such a short time—not to mention the million other sales happening simultaneously—figuring out what’s worth buying can be tough. But as with most things, our editors have a recommendation for that. From practical items for our homes and apartments to little treats for our closets and makeup bags, here’s what our editors are buying from the Amazon Prime Day sale. 

Foldable Treadmill with Desk
The time has finally come. I am investing in a walking pad—but not just any walking pad. I have been eying this specific model because it has its own foldable desk (which is crucial since I don’t have a standing desk and don’t want one of those weird convertible desk contraptions). It also has a wider belt if I feel so inclined to run, and it stores easily under my bed. 10k steps a day, here I come.
– Hailey, Assistant Editor
Sale price: $399After sale: $499

Reusable Silicone Storage Bags
I’m slowly but surely building a collection of reusable silicone bags to replace my plastic food storage bags. These ones from Stasher are my favorite! They’re great for travel snacks and storing leftovers in the fridge. They aren’t cheap, so Prime Day is the perfect time to stock up!
– Meagan, Director of Marketing
Sale price: $38After sale: $54

The Frame TV
After years of trying to convince my husband we need a Frame TV, he’s finally been convinced. Thankfully, in the extensive time it took me to sell him on the idea, the prices have continued to go down—but Prime Day is the deepest discount of the year. This is my massive splurge and I cannot wait for it to arrive!
– Allyson, Editor-in-Chief
Sale price: $987After sale: $1,497

Apple Watch SE
I take tracking my steps very seriously, and I am ready to upgrade from carrying my bulky phone everywhere while logging my 10,000 steps to a more efficient Apple Watch. I’ve had my eye on the Apple Watch for a while, solely because of its fitness and sleep tracking capabilities. The best part is that the small device will stay on my wrist all day, and I won’t have to give it a second thought until I’m ready to check my steps.
– Cassie, Social Media Editor
Sale price: $229After sale: $279

Modern Stoneware Pitcher
I’m a sucker for new home decor because even the smallest items can make my home feel refreshed. I’ve been eyeing this gorgeous item that can be used as vase for flowers, pitcher to refill water, or just as lovely decor on a bookshelf or kitchen counter. It’s usually pretty affordable, but I wanted to wait until Prime Day to see if it got the Prime Day treatment and low and behold, it’s now under $15 (!!!). The empty space on my kitchen shelf thanks you, Amazon.
– Josie, Wellness Editor and Podcast Host
Sale price: $14After sale: $21

Cyclone Cordless Vacuum
I needed a new vacuum awhile ago, but I knew I would get a good discount if I waited for Amazon Prime Day deals, so now is my time! I have been eyeing this one forever, and it will be my big purchase from the sales. I love how compact, lightweight, and convenient it is to use and store, especially living in a small apartment. I’m ordering this ASAP!
– Keely, Senior Social Media Editor
Sale price: $349After sale: $499

The Drop
Tiered Maxi Tent Dress
I live in flowy dresses all summer, and this tiered silhouette looks way more expensive than it is. I’m planning on styling it with sandals and a woven tote this summer, and I also think it would work great with a chunky cardigan as the weather cools down!
– Meagan, Director of Marketing
Sale price: $59

Apple AirPods
If you’re anything like me, your AirPods are in a shameful condition and one has been floating around the house without its mate for quite some time (come to think of it, you haven’t seen it in a few days). If you’re not like me, feel free to judge me. This fantastic price point is enough for me to start my AirPod journey again without feeling any more guilty than I already do. I’ll be better this time, I swear!
– Allyson, Editor-in-Chief
Sale price: $89After sale: $129

Teeth Whitening Strips
These are my go-to whitening strips because they don’t cause sensitivity or pain, actually work, and are completely non-toxic (using natural ingredients like coconut oil and lemon peel). I use these at least once a week, or more if I have an event or vacation coming up I want my smile to look *extra* sparkly for, so you know I stock up on Prime Day when they’re 40% off.
– Josie, Wellness Editor and Podcast Host
Sale price: $29After sale: $49

Nearly Natural
Olive Artificial Silk Tree
I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life, but the cost of fake plants is robbery, IMO. I’ve been eyeing this one from Amazon for months now but could never justify the $160+ price tag. Luckily, it’s $100 off for Prime Day which means it was immediately added to my cart.
– Hailey, Assistant Editor
Sale price: $66After sale: $166


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