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Once upon a time, when no one knew what mam and mimimi were … kote already existed! And they were no less sullen or touching than their modern counterparts-the stars of the Internet.These cats were not so lucky – they lived in a time when there was no Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Therefore, they could not be touched by thousands of fans around the world, but only friends and relatives of their owners. But we decided to correct the situation and give them a well-deserved fame and a “second life”. This time – on the Internet.Gloomy birthday: A 27-year-old cat does not look very happy at the celebration of her birthday on August 22, 1977.And this is one of the main stars of the Internet – a sullen cat named TardarSauce, who conquered the whole world with her unchanging “facial expression”. This photo was taken 35 years after the photo from the gloomy birthday.”Freeze!”: it is difficult for Tim the cat to sit still while he is being” photographed ” by the dog Laddie, because he noticed a mouse running past. Photo of the 1920s.Trio: This kitten seems to be doing quite well being squeezed between two puppies.Hello! Shall we have a chat?..Pranksters: A mischievous kitten plays with Christmas tree toys.Pranksters: an 8-month-old cat decided to eat milk directly from the bottle.Playing music: Mani the cat sings along to her 15-year-old mistress in Worcester Park, Great Britain, 1959.Pussy Tabby joined the feminist movement, starting her career as a typist in the late 1920s.Fearless swimmer: A 2.5-month-old kitten jumped into a swimming pool in Santa Monica, California and swam as much as 12 meters with its 10-year-old owner, 1956.To somehow “dilute” the cats-a photo of a puppy playing mother-daughter.Daredevils: a pair of kittens playing on the railing.Daredevils: Black cat Mitten rides on the handlebars of his owner Carl Mitchell’s motorcycle.”Say SYYYR!”A strange friendship: 4-year-old cat Fluffens relaxes while a mother mouse and seven of her little mice use it as a soft playground, 1955.”Hello, Kitty!”: Ginger the cat uses an old-fashioned phone in the UK.Fluffy music lover: Tibby listens to the radio with headphones, 1926.It’s time to take a nap: a yawning cat on the wall, 1930.A Persian kitten plays with wool, 1950.And this is the beauty queen. The breeder of blue Persian cats, Mrs. Oglethorpe, demonstrates the prize-winning cat Pierro in Wimbledon, Great Britain, 1935.Another champion is Twinlight Skipper Whipper, one of the participants of the 36th annual Atlantic Cat Club Championship, 1938.And this cat managed to get into a car accident in 1950.Curious cat Tigi peers into the camera, apparently trying to focus.Puppy love: Hans, a dachshund puppy, kisses a kitten while sitting in a teapot, 1926.


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