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With 51.4% of YouTube’s gender demographic identifying as female, it only seems fair that the platform starts commending its own talent. The #WomenofYouTube Mentorship Program was first launched in March 2024 to highlight the work of female content creators across North America and Sub-Saharan Africa. With a total of 23 influencers on show, it seems that the platform has managed to collect a varied assortment of experts. Though the program mostly focuses on the power of Shorts, all of these women have used YouTube to maximize their presence and potential online. 

As a mentoring program, this initiative will offer certain content creators the prime opportunity to share their skills and experiences throughout the YouTube Shorts Creator Community. This is a bustling network that strives to support budding creators and ensure that they can monetize the work they create on the platform. The program also attempts to create a keen sense of camaraderie and community, ensuring that a diverse selection of female YouTubers can make the most out of this exciting opportunity.

What Perks Are on Offer?

For influencers, the #WomenofYouTube Mentorship Program offers them the chance to draw attention to what makes them unique, which is especially important when battling the competition seen across this platform. Though it’s still unknown whether these content creators are being paid for their involvement in the program, there’s no denying that this is a prosperous way for these creators to gain lucrative brand deals in the future. 

With regard to viewers and other aspiring creators, this program gives them access to some of the finest talent in the industry. From dynamic production practices to premium marketing strategies, viewers will now have the perfect opportunity to expand their horizons and start creating engaging content for themselves. 

What Influencers Are Involved?

  1. Pink Shirt Girl

Though her 21.5 million subscribers probably know her best from being one-half of the now-separated Pink Shirt Couple, this influencer has not struggled to find success on her own terms. Pink Shirt Girl, Alyssa Eckstein, uses her endearing charisma and devoted sense of adventure to carry out a series of experiments and life hacks on her channel. Whether she’s trying to cook an egg with a clothing iron or attempting to ride roller skates on a treadmill, Eckstein does so with an infectious sense of humor. Alongside her short-form content, Pink Shirt Girl also offers a small collection of branded merchandise so that her fans can continue to support her while on the go. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Taty Cokley

Focusing on the power of self-love and confidence, Taty Cokley is determined to help her 907K subscribers feel more comfortable in their own minds and bodies. Cokley is not afraid to showcase her true feelings and experiences, such as what she learned during therapy or how she overcame the struggles of a toxic relationship. This YouTuber also uses these themes in her Shorts, informing her growing audience on important topics like how to make friends in later life. Cokley also creates content for Instagram, using the platform to promote her latest ventures to her 171K followers, such as her Paint and Sip event to help commemorate Women’s History Month. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Megha Singh

Megha Singh is a prime example of how hard work pays off. She has written various blog posts about how she managed to reach 100 million views in only 4 months, highlighting the power of her engaging content. Singh mostly creates beauty and lifestyle content for her 103K subscribers, allowing her fans to achieve the perfect look with ease. Singh is best known for her viral series that mimics makeup looks from around the world, with each Short gaining around 50K views. This YouTuber has also created an intuitive community for like-minded content creators called Creator World, where she collaborates with other influencers to discuss the inner workings of this industry. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Sew With Ijeoma

Based in Nigeria, Sew With Ijeoma helps to bring her homeland’s vibrant fashion scene to her growing audience of 253K subscribers. This YouTuber offers a wide variety of online and face-to-face training programs, allowing herself and her students to show off their latest garments to a loyal and engaged fan base. On Shorts, Ijeoma often educates her audience on how to style certain pieces as well as how they can craft them for themselves at home. Her long-form videos follow the same format, but she also gives key insights into the developments in the global fashion industry and how budding designers can find success. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Linguamarina

Boasting a staggering 8.35 million subscribers, Linguamarina takes learning a new language to the next level. After co-founding Linguatrip in 2015, this YouTuber decided to take her passions to this platform. Her Shorts content offers her viewers a ton of real-life scenarios where they can use a selection of new vocabulary and phrases. For example, she creates videos on how to master American slang terms or how to validate your parking on an automated machine. To help extend her students’ learning even further, Linguamarina has also created a detailed workbook so that they can strengthen their English wherever they are. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Duchess Braids

Since creating her first tutorial in 2019, Duchess Braids has helped her 1.22 million subscribers master the nuances of this intricate hairstyle. From sleek and stylish stitch braids to traditional sew-ins, this YouTuber uses a plethora of high-quality filming techniques to ensure that her viewers can effortlessly mimic her expert skills. To strengthen the influence of her personal brand, this YouTuber also offers a line of premium products such as Jamaican black castor oil and precision combs. Though she has a ton of power and acclaim within her respective niche, Duchess Braids doesn’t just keep her talents for herself, instead, she released the Online Master Course to help others build their confidence in this art. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Shade TV

Shade TV, also known as Marissa Hill discusses everything there is to know about hype culture. Whether she’s unboxing the latest elite sneaker or interviewing A-listers at Sundance Film Festival, Hill uses her charisma and charm to create content that truly engages her 90.7K subscribers. This YouTuber also posts a variety of written content on her website Shade Studios, where she delves deeper into the nuances of cinematic culture as well as the best way to communicate with the younger generations. On Shorts, Hill commonly showcases her latest outfit and uses this medium to post vlogs of her latest ventures, making it a great way for her to highlight snapshots of her daily life. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Sheelarh Beauty

As a lover of all things makeup and beauty, Sherrlah Beauty proficiently blends her daily makeup routines with lifestyle vlog content. As such, she is able to explore how makeup impacts her daily life and shares these experiences with her developing audience of 42.8K subscribers. For her Shorts content, this YouTuber showcases glamorous looks for important events such as Eid but also highlights the importance of using makeup to develop a sense of self-confidence. She also takes the time to give her audience important life updates, frequently posting GRWM videos and Q&A sessions so that her fans can remain up-to-date with developments in her life. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. Serein Wu

Serein Wu has been making lifestyle and beauty content for the last decade, but her second channel seems to be having the most success when it comes to Shorts. This channel focuses on her pregnancy journey, which began in 2020. Since then, Wu has continued to share highlights of her everyday life with her 273K subscribers, presenting her daily routine as a busy mom. Alongside her work on YouTube, this content creator also hosts an informative podcast called Eat Yourself Happy, where she discusses our relationship with food with a series of expert guests.  

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

  1. WhizQueen

Bisola Tijani, better known as WhizzQueen is a boisterous nomad who often shares her latest travel adventures with her 47.3K subscribers. Though she often uses her platform to educate tourists and immigrants about the cultural customs of Canada, she also discusses these principles in other countries such as Cuba and Bangkok. Tijani also isn’t afraid to discuss the financial implications of traveling the world and tends to use Shorts to offer budgeting and investment advice. Together with these videos, WhizzQueens has created a ton of budget templates to ensure that her viewers can also explore the world without breaking the bank. 

What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?What Is The #WomenOfYouTube Mentorship Program?

The #WomenofYouTube Mentorship Program opens our eyes to the diverse nature of the platform and showcases the benefits attached to putting these creators in the spotlight. Not only can programs like this allow female influencers to gain more brand deals, but it can also help them to better compete against their male counterparts. 


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