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The Unconventional Path This Exec Took To Become An Influencer Marketing LeaderThe Unconventional Path This Exec Took To Become An Influencer Marketing Leader

Victoria Bachan is the President of Whalar’s Global Talent Division, a role that puts her at the forefront of the rapidly evolving creator economy. Her unconventional path from the music festival circuit to the forefront of the influencer marketing world has given her a unique perspective on this dynamic, uncharted landscape. Bachan is blazing new trails and reshaping how brands and creators forge lucrative partnerships in an era where authenticity reigns supreme. She offers insights into the opportunities, challenges, and future of this explosive industry.

An Unconventional Journey

Bachan’s journey into this space was an unconventional one. She originally hailed from the music industry, spending years on the road with the Vans Warped Tour, a long-running summer music festival. This experience sparked her interest in the intersection of artists and brands, ultimately leading her to the talent agency CAA. It was there that she witnessed the rise of the first generation of influencers on platforms like YouTube and Vine. “I bought a ton of books that were essentially like Hollywood dealmaking so that I could understand all of the individualized terms,” Bachan explains, reflecting on her self-taught foray into the world of digital creators. Her first client was Doug the Pug, and she quickly built a roster of talent, eventually joining Authentic Talent and Literary Management. The pandemic brought an opportunity to spearhead Whalar’s management division, bridging the gap between traditional talent representation and the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The Unconventional Path This Exec Took To Become An Influencer Marketing Leader

The Unconventional Path This Exec Took To Become An Influencer Marketing Leader

The Power of Authenticity

In Bachan’s eyes, the driving force behind the creator economy’s meteoric rise is authenticity. “What we’re seeing now that we maybe didn’t see in the earlier stages of it, is because it’s become more of a matured space, the audience has also matured with it,” she observes. Brands that embrace authenticity and align with organic trends will emerge victorious, as exemplified by Stanley’s response to a viral TikTok video of a customer’s car catching fire while her Stanley cup remained intact. “They handled it very perfectly where they’re like, ‘Of course, we’re going to get you a new Stanley Cup. But at the same time, we’ll get you a new car’. That showed organically how good their product was, and then it showed that they also had the values behind it.”

Challenges and Innovation

While the creator economy presents boundless opportunities, Bachan acknowledges the mental health challenges that often accompany the profession. “The deep mental health struggle that comes with it” is a significant hurdle, she says, citing the prevalence of online hate and criticism. Whalar strives to equip its clients with resources to navigate this harsh reality. However, Bachan also emphasizes the importance of adaptability and innovation in this ever-evolving space. “The beauty of the digital space is it’s been the Wild West since the day it started,” she affirms. From the rise and fall of platforms like Vine to the emergence of new formats like TikTok’s daily vlogs, creators must embrace change and continuously experiment.

Navigating Disruption

Bachan anticipates that legislative developments, such as regulations surrounding child creators, will be a significant disruptive force as the creator economy matures. “Anything that continues to mature the space is ultimately going to be a disruptor to how people do business day to day and how they’re creating content,” she notes. Whalar proactively establishes internal guidelines to stay ahead of potential industry shifts.

The Unconventional Path This Exec Took To Become An Influencer Marketing LeaderThe Unconventional Path This Exec Took To Become An Influencer Marketing Leader

Multi-Platform Strategy for Sustainable Growth

For creators seeking sustainable growth, Bachan emphasizes the importance of a multi-platform strategy as an essential ingredient for long-term success. “If you don’t remain agnostic and you’re stuck to one platform, you’re going to have a very difficult time finding sustainable growth and creating a sustainable business,” she warns.

The rationale behind this approach is multifaceted. Different social platforms cater to distinct audiences and serve varying purposes, Bachan explains. By diversifying their presence across multiple channels, creators can tap into these diverse pools, expanding their reach and maximizing their growth potential. Furthermore, a multi-platform strategy offers creators a more robust feedback loop, as each platform provides unique insights into audience preferences and engagement patterns, enabling data-driven decision-making.

From a business perspective, Bachan underscores the significance of a multi-platform approach in unlocking new revenue streams and facilitating brand partnerships. “When you have multiple channels, you ultimately have more inventory,” she notes. This expanded inventory not only increases creators’ bargaining power but also allows for more intricate and tailored collaborations with brands, fostering sustainable monetization avenues.

Whalar’s Comprehensive Approach

At Whalar, Bachan and her team take a comprehensive approach to supporting their clients. From setting long-term goals and providing financial updates to advising on content strategies aligned with brand opportunities, they aim to foster their creators’ growth as both artists and entrepreneurs. “We really try to teach our clients […] the ins and outs of the business,” Bachan says. This includes guidance on strategic timing of content releases to maximize visibility and engagement amidst current events and news cycles.

A Future of Informality and Professionalism

As the creator economy continues to flourish, Bachan envisions a shift towards greater informality and human-centric branding. “I’m excited that the consumer is really pushing for that, and the brands are kind of starting to notice,” she remarks, emphasizing the need for brands to embrace authenticity and eschew corporate facades. Amidst the fast-paced nature of the industry, however, Bachan stresses the enduring value of professionalism. “The more professional and level-headed and rooted in reality you are, the better chance you will be booked on campaigns,” she advises creators. Exhibiting punctuality, preparedness, and a commitment to excellence can set apart aspiring talent in a highly competitive field.

As the lines between advertising, entertainment, and content creation continue to blur, Victoria Bachan and Whalar are poised to shape the future of the creator economy. By championing authenticity, fostering innovation, and nurturing the growth of digital talent, they are redefining the relationship between brands and creators, paving the way for a more organic, human-centric approach to marketing and storytelling.


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