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In the wake of a record-breaking cold snap that saw nearly 80% of the USA grappling with sub-zero temperatures, many were advised to remain indoors. Despite this, employees at various workplaces, including Walmart, had to venture out into the blizzard to reach their jobs.

Amidst this harsh weather, Walmart’s Rockford, Illinois branch faced criticism for a social media post. The post featured a photo of its employees behind 55-cent boxes of instant noodles, offered as sustenance to those who had braved the storm to come to work.

This epic fail by Walmart sparked significant backlash as it was seen as an inadequate gesture for staff dealing with the extreme weather conditions.

This is how it started:

Ash Ketchup

TikToker Millzy (@hiitsmillzy) took offense at this.

“Walmart, you are a Fortune 500 company—on the top of the list; you are a multi-billion dollar corporation.”

“And your way to show your appreciation is to give your employees 55-cent ramen?” 


“People walking to work in -18 degree weather. Some people don’t have cars.”

“Some people’s cars didn’t start, and they still showed up to work, somehow, someway, so they could get a paycheck.”


See the Tiktok here:


lmao that pizza party soundin pretty nice right now #fyp

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