Best Places to Visit in St. Barth, the French Caribbean Island Jarastyle travel

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Best Places to Visit in St. Barth, the French Caribbean Island Jarastyle travelTravel_Bug©/AdobeStock

Chapo: Visit St. Barth to experience an unforgettable exclusive experience. Discover St. Barth’s best places in this guide to help you plan a vacation to one of the Caribbean’s top destinations.

St. Barth, often called Saint Barthélemy or St. Barts, is a Caribbean island in the northern Caribbean Sea. It is a famous holiday spot renowned for its luxurious resorts, pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas. Read on to explore some of the top spots to visit in St. Barth as you plan your next vacation.

St. Barth’s Beaches

Although the island has much to offer, its beaches are its primary appeal. St. Barts has 22 beaches, more than half of which are swimmable. It is essential to note that all of these beautiful beaches are free and available to the public!

One of St. Barth’s most famous beaches is St. Jean. St. Jean is two beaches in one, separated by a luxurious hotel. This beautiful stretch is also popular for sailing and snorkelling since the water is calm because of the reefs nearby. There are also several luxurious villas nearby if you want to stay near the beaches. Book a luxury villa in St Barts near the sandy beaches to have the luxurious experience of a lifetime!

If you are an experienced surfer, you can visit Toiny Beach, which is famous for its unpredictable rip currents. Colombier Beach is another popular beach accessible by boat or a 30-minute walk. For those who like swimming and snorkelling, this is one of the perfect places to go and spend the day.

You can also visit Gouverneur Beach, which has white sand and crystal-clear water. If you are in a large family or group, you can discover Bucket List Villa to get you and your loved ones a unique experience around Gouverneur Beach by allowing you to rent stood-out villas suited to your preferences and requirements.

Fort Gustav

Fort Gustav, located on the outskirts of Gustavia, is one of the best places to see the harbour. Perched on a picturesque, steep mountain, this fort was constructed in 1787 by the Swedish. From this spot, you can see the port, which used to be a haven for pirates and now hosts several exciting regattas. Visit Fort Gustav to see the beautiful lighthouse and old guns and learn about the important events that took place there.

The Inter Oceans Museum

The Inter Oceans Museum is a one-of-a-kind attraction near Anse des Flamands. This site has received great reviews from tourists, who say that everyone visiting St. Bart’s should see it. Over 2,000 different kinds of pearls, stuffed tropical fish and reefs worldwide can be seen at the Inter Oceans Museum. You may also view shark jaws, gigantic conch shells and sea-themed artwork. It’s more of a private collection than a standard museum, and it’s in the cute fishing town of Corossol.


Corossol, a little fishing town with only two streets, is located on the island’s western coast and has an authentically Caribbean vibe. Travelling to this quiet town gives you a genuine taste of local life. The ladies of long-established island families in Corossol are known as the “straw village” because they make straw hats and other items from palm fronds. You may buy some of their works to bring home as souvenirs. In traditional attire, the older ladies wear quichenottes, which are white sunbonnets that have been starched, and they speak an ancient Norman dialect.

Final Words

The most important thing is spending quality time with your loved ones and creating memories, regardless of how you spend your vacation. Whether you prefer a low-key day at the beach, a visit to the museum or just taking in the scenery from your villa, remember there’s no shame in doing what makes you happy.


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