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Singer and actor Tyrese is getting transparent about his previous marriage and relationship with ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson.
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A Recent Clip Of The Singer Circulated On Social Media
A video clip of the singer recently began circulating on social media, as initially reported by The Shade Room. In the clip, Tyrese shares what he realized during his divorce trial.
“I left the courtroom during my divorce trial, and I realized that it was never love; it was just a transaction.”
The clip then cuts to another moment where the singer explains his shock at the realization.

“Wow, we did a whole marriage and did the whole duration of a child and starting a family, just to find out it was all about money. Status. Transaction…”
Tyrese then refers to his ex-wife as “the best actor” he’s ever met.
“Imagine me being the only actor in a relationship, to then realize that I was in a relationship for five years with one of the best actors I’ve ever met in my f*****g life.”

Before this clip was shared on The Shade Room, Tyrese took to his Instagram account to share a voice note explaining more details about his forthcoming album. Additionally, he explained that he doesn’t want to sing about his divorce anymore.
“I don’t want to sing about this divorce no more. I don’t want to sing about none of this painful s**t, heartbreaking sad s**t… even though it’s my truth and it’s the most important album that I’ve ever done… Talking about my ex, I just don’t want to do it for another two years…”

Tyrese Previously Shared An Exclusive Statement With TSR

In April, Tyrese shared an exclusive statement with The Shade Room’s Saràn Tarawaley after a court ordered him to pay Samantha Lee Gibson $636,000 in child support and legal fees.
At the time, he explained that “everything will be appealed.”
“Everything will be appealed. My attorney, Tanya Mitchell Graham, stated that at least 30 things beyond the scope of the law was mishandled and flat-out egregious and illegal.”
Additionally, Tyrese reflected on his ex-wife’s monthly income, adding that he shouldn’t be responsible for her legal fees.
“Samantha originally paid $7,500 only to retain her attorney over two years ago and although she makes about $15,000 a month. Almost $150,000 a year. She ended up with two different law firms racked up legal fees, almost $500,000+ and they never asked her for another dime because they were banking on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. After my attorney asked their attorney why have you represented Samantha for [ free ] for well over two years and she can clearly afford to pay her OWN legal fees.:. ? They both said, ‘We really like her….’ People like me too but not enough to carry over 2+ years in legal fees without paying legal fees and make them wait over 2 years to be paid.”
Before ending his statement, the singer remarked that the “family law court system really f*****g sucks.”
“The family law court system really f*****g sucks. It’s all a process we will appeal.”


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