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Threads continues to iterate on its platform, testing new features to make the app more user-friendly and efficient. The latest test involves a gesture-based option that allows users to swipe right on a post to indicate they like it or swipe left to show a lack of interest.

This “swipe to like” feature was first spotted earlier this month by some users, but Threads has now officially announced the test. Mark Zuckerberg, Adam Mosseri (Head of Instagram), and the Threads account have confirmed the trial.

Threads Tests New Gesture That Could Change The Way People Like Posts - Jarastyle Teen'sThreads Tests New Gesture That Could Change The Way People Like Posts - Jarastyle Teen's

“We’re starting a test that will give you more control over your experience on Threads. Some people will now be able to swipe right on a post to like it, or swipe left to show they’re not interested. I hope this makes it easier for you to indicate if a post is relevant to your interests,” Mosseri wrote on Threads.

The swipe gesture is currently available only to a limited group of users. However, the company’s goal is to provide users with more control over their Threads experience by allowing them to signal interests directly to the algorithm.

Swiping right “likes” a post, while swiping left tells the algorithm the user is not interested in that type of content. This input informs what appears on the user’s “For You” page, helping surface more relevant posts and filter out less desirable ones.

Some users have noted similarities to third-party Twitter clients like Tweetbot and Twitterrific, which previously offered swipe gestures for interactions. When the Threads test began this month, the feature seemed limited to iOS devices, but its current availability on Android is unclear due to the small test group size.

While a seemingly minor change, the swipe gesture could significantly impact how users engage with content on Threads. If successful, it could become a core interaction method, giving people a quick way to continuously refine their feed based on their evolving interests.

For creators and marketers on the platform, this prospect shows the importance of producing compelling content that entices users to swipe right rather than left. As Threads explores ways to improve personalization, engaging posts will be key to gaining visibility amidst the competition for users’ attention.

As the test progresses, Threads will likely evaluate user feedback and engagement metrics before deciding on a wider rollout. The swipe functionality’s potential to reshape content discovery underscores the platform’s focus on developing an experience tailored to each user’s preferences.


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