Sports-Oriented Influencer Marketplace Launches Mobile App To Expedite Brand-Athlete Engagements – Jarastyle Teen’s

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MOGL, an athlete influencer marketplace and name, image, and likeness (NIL) operations software provider, has launched an innovative iOS app. The mobile application enables athlete influencers to effortlessly manage campaigns and monetize their NIL. 

This mobile-first solution aims to transform how athlete influencers connect with brands and fans to monetize their audience and influence. “MOGL’s brand-new iOS app is here to accelerate and streamline your NIL experience,” the platform announced.

Sports-Oriented Influencer Marketplace Launches Mobile App To Expedite Brand-Athlete Engagements - Jarastyle Teen'sSports-Oriented Influencer Marketplace Launches Mobile App To Expedite Brand-Athlete Engagements - Jarastyle Teen's

In an industry where accessibility and speed are key, MOGL’s iOS app caters to the dynamic lifestyle of athletes by providing a mobile-centric platform. “The landscape of NIL and Influencer Marketing is ever-evolving, with more brands than ever looking to work with athlete influencers,” the company says, adding that “other offers aren’t catering to the unique needs of athletes” in the influencer space.

With this launch, the company extends its commitment to equipping athlete influencers with the tools they need to navigate the NIL landscape confidently and successfully. “MOGL’s app is designed to bridge this gap, ensuring you’re not just a participant but a frontrunner in this digital arena.”

MOGL also aims to help brands build awareness and reach their target audience through mass-scale influencer marketing campaigns with athlete trendsetters and creators. 

The platform allows brands to connect with thousands of athletes, manage campaigns, verify fulfillment, track performance, and facilitate payment. As brands increasingly turn to influencer marketing, athletes with strong social media presence have proven to deliver market-leading engagement rates and campaign results.

Key features of the MOGL iOS app include:

  • Tailored NIL opportunities: Athletes can discover and apply to various NIL deals from thousands of brands that align with their profiles and interests.
  • Effortless deal management: The app consolidates all NIL activities in one place, enabling athletes to manage deals, message brands, complete deliverables, and track payments with ease.
  • Transaction security & compliance: Athletes enjoy peace of mind with automatic NCAA disclosures and transparent, timely payment processing.

The iOS platform launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of athlete influencer marketing. “This app is more than just a product; it’s a movement. MOGL is reshaping the NIL and Athlete Influencer landscape, championing athlete empowerment, and fostering a community where your influence has tangible value,” the announcement reads.

As the trusted influencer marketing platform of NBC Sports, Liquid IV, and thousands of other brands, MOGL strives towards setting the standard in the industry by ensuring a valuable experience for athletes and providing resources for success in the digital age.

With MOGL, brands can work with thousands of athlete influencers simultaneously, and athletes can complete campaign requirements with just a few taps, helping brands reach their desired audience at scale.


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