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Parts 1 and 2, in case you’re interested.

I’m living in a season where there’s a lot going on all the time, so I’m perpetually looking for ways to make life a little easier. Maybe you’ll find something here that helps you, too! That’s my hope, at least. 🙂

1. Be 10 minutes early

Getting to wherever I need to go at least 10 minutes early significantly lightens my mental load. I’m not a person who does this naturally, so I have to do everything I can to get out the door in time, but when I make the effort to arrive at least 10 minutes early, I’m significantly less stressed about everything — the drive there, getting lost on the way, finding parking, swapping out my comfy tennis shoes for event shoes (am I the only one who does this, hmm), reapplying my lipstick, wrangling Connor’s stuff, seriously, there are so many things. LOL!

Although, note to self, I do even better when I give myself a 20-minute early cushion. Gotta keep working on that, Karen.

Anywho, when I arrive at an event or a place too close to the start time, I always feel rushed and stressed. Having that extra time really makes my life so much easier.

2. Make time for being a little bored

Or, make time to be purposefully unstimulated.

This seems to work especially well for me when I’m doing something with repetitive movements, like walking or riding a bike, or washing dishes.

It might seem really boring to ride a stationary bike or walk outside without music or an audiobook, I know. But there’s something about having quiet time that allows my mind to slow down and just wander.

That extra space also really helps with lift with mental weight I’m feeling.

When I’m in this state, it’s easier for me to work things out and think creatively. It feels good for my mind and body when I’m kinda bored.

3. Schedule extra errands when I have the most energy

If I know I have to do extra errands, I’ll make a mental note to do them at the start of the week.

For example, Connor’s school has an ice cream day every week, and I’m the parent volunteer who picks up the treats for the kids.

I purposefully make sure to do this on Monday afternoon when I get out of work because that’s when I have more energy to tackle extra tasks.

If I leave it for later on in the week, it’s too heavy a lift.

4. Let go of the idea of having to do everything the exact way you want to do it every single time

The idea that sometimes doing just a little bit is good enough has been a game changer for me.

As a recovering perfectionist, this is sometimes very difficult for me, but embracing it has helped me a lot.

5. Order take out even when you think you have the energy to cook

Seriously, I’d rather just make something to eat at home, but meal prep, cooking, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and prepping lunches for the next day starts zaps my energy, and by Wednesday or Thursday, I’m worn out. Ordering take out once or twice a week saves me a lot of energy and gives me extra use to rest or to spend time with the fam bam.

If I can’t bear to do take out, then I’ll opt for something pre-made that I can toss in the microwave or the oven, like a frozen pizza.

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