Things I Do to Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed All the Frickin’ Time, Part 1 – Jarastyle

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Things I Do to Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed All the Frickin’ Time, Part 1 - Jarastyle

Here are some things I do that seem to help me feel like I’m not drowning in ALL. THE. TASKS. all the time!

When I’m tired, overwhelmed and overstimulated, which is often, these things help me deal with decision fatigue.

1. Plan the living crap outta lunch for the week.

It’s such a small thing, but it really helps. It’s just one less thing to think about.

Sometime over the weekend, I write a quick list of what’s for lunch and I make sure that I have the ingredients on hand.

Connor’s a very adventurous eater and will eat most things, but when it comes to school lunch, she doesn’t mind having a list of “greatest hits” to choose from. I have her pick what she wants on each day, and we go with that.

I do something similar with my work lunches for the week. I like to go with a theme! This week, I’m having protein with veggies, so for lunch today I’m having a pre-made salad with chicken I got from a local deli.

2. Keep your wardrobe limited to a few colors.

I do this specifically with my work wardrobe. I stick to three colors, tan, navy and black. It makes decision making that much easier when I purposefully limit my options. Kinda like a uniform.

3. Get rid of all the socks that annoy you.

While we’re on the subject of getting dressed, take an afternoon to sort through your sock drawer, and get rid of all the socks that have holes and don’t have a matching pair. Also, edit out the socks that bother you in any sort of way. I don’t know why, but knowing that there are no socks in my drawer that slip down, itch or are ill-fitting is just one less thing for me to concern myself with. I bought a bunch recently from Target by the brand A New Day, and I like ’em.

4. While you’re at it, only keep underwear in your drawer that fits you perfectly.

If it bothers you in any way, let it go! Like the sock situation, I find this also so very freeing. One less thing to contend with, you know? Side note, I recently bought several things from the women’s Breathe collection at GAP and really like them. Super comfortable and soft!

5. At the start of the week, grab a few key pieces of makeup that you absolutely love.

This one’s for my friends who have relatively big collections. (I’m working on editing mine down. It’s a process). Anywho, grab a few key pieces that you plan to use daily, and make sure you love EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Swap this mini collection out after the week is over if you want with other things you love. This really helps me a lot! Lately I’ve been all about my Chanel.

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