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It is known that the kings may be different. History is replete with rulers, which was the seat of the vices and shortcomings, as well as many crowned heads, who did not show themselves at all. Much rarer Royal family, which, as in tales of good and hard— working, kind, fair, brave, and wise. One of these was a Danish monarch Frederik IX glücksburg, known as the people “Tattooed king.”Frederick IX, the last revocably dynastic monarch of the Kingdom of Denmark, ruled from 20 April 1947 until 14 January 1972. The king had no sons, so it broke the traditional of the country the tradition of transmission of the throne through the male line. Now the Queen of Denmark is the daughter of “the tattooed king,” Margrethe II, who ascended the throne through one of the reforms of his father, which allowed to pass the crown through the female line.We can confidently say that Frederick IX was a real king-the father of his people. Good-natured, cheerful, considerate and a little coarse, the monarch was nothing like the stiff and starchy colleagues from other Royal families.In Denmark, the throne can only be a man of Royal blood, the last army school. Frederick was no exception, but he, alone of his dynasty, chose not to land troops and Navy. Monarch graduated from the Royal naval Academy and becoming a naval officer, so much so carried away that he was promoted to rear Admiral.To tear away from the bridge the Royal family were only able to take the throne of the deceased father, Christian X. long-term service on Navy left an imprint on the character and behavior of Frederik IX, so it is sometimes the eye called the “king sailor”.And still his subjects called their ruler “the tattooed king,” and proud of the fact that this is not in any European Kingdom. Over the years, Frederick made his 9 tattoos, some of which have become a kind of souvenir from distant countries.A subject of special pride of the owner was a Chinese dragon on his chest, pinned red, black and green paint. As king, Frederick appealed to London to the master of tattoo George Barchetta to refresh the image, making it more vivid. It is also known that over the skin of the king worked and the other well — known European master OLE Hansen from the port of Nyhavn.Inconspicuous tattoo Studio OLE Hansen, whose client was the king himselfIt is clear that the king knew a lot about tattoos and had good artistic taste. But other than that, Frederik IX was the receptacle of many other talents and virtues. He was a great storyteller, played the piano, and was also very well read. Even the monarch was unusual for people of his rank hobby — he was fond of bodybuilding, spending a lot of time in the gym.During the Second world war, as a naval officer, the future ruler of Denmark helped the underground operating in the occupied enemy country. Having ascended to the throne in 1947, Frederick IX, announced the construction of the country’s welfare by having the government serve man, not Vice versa.The monument of Frederick IX in CopenhagenWith the “tattoo king” of Denmark has become one of the most economically developed countries in the world and is among the five leaders in terms of life. The king also granted the right of self-government of the Faroe Islands, fulfilling a longtime dream of residents of the 18 Islands of the archipelago of broad autonomy within the state.


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