The 10 Easiest Ways to Die that will Make You Appreciate Life – Jarastyle

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To begin with, about serious things. If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts, it is very important to get professional help at this moment. You or your loved ones can always call the helpline: 8-800-2000-122 and get professional psychological support.This list contains a list of things that can really make it easy to die.According to the New York Times newspaper, bathrooms are the most life–threatening places in the house (where you can drown yourself, fall, etc.).Always go to the shower sober and get, in the end, a shower mat.Even from one breath of the vapors of this infernal mixture, you can die.No dirty surface is worth your life.Many people suffer from allergic reactions.Be happy if you are not allergic to anything. There are people who can die after eating just one small peanut.This is one of the most dangerous activities.In fact, road accidents kill 3 times more people around the world than wars and murders (deaths as a result of road accidents – 124 million people, war / murder – 44 million people).Jokes aside. Dental infections can be fatal because the teeth are very close to the bloodstream.In addition, inflammation from an infected tooth can even block your oxygen. Be afraid of death, not dentists!Taking this medicine during a hangover can kill your liver, kidneys and nervous system.Paracetamol is incompatible with alcohol. If you feel really bad, then it’s better to take ibuprofen.Especially near steep slopes.You will be surprised, but a large number of tourists die every year as a result of falls and traffic accidents when they try to take a photo of their “beautiful self”.For many people, it comes out by accident.Be careful, some drugs have too small a difference between the effective dose and the dose that will lead you to death.Turning your head to the left and then to the right will only take a couple of seconds.Moreover, it will save your life.A joke that has some truth in it.If you don’t die of anything else, then old age will eventually kill you.


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