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Summer Walker loves her kids–regardless of the “pathological liars” she had them with or what the internet thinks of her mothering.
On Thursday’s Caresha Please,  Yung Miami spared no topics, from her daughter’s real name to how she keeps her sanity as a mommy of three and the facts behind the hemp milk situation.

Summer Walker On Limited Contact With Her Kids’ Fathers & Self-Care As A Mother
Summer wiped away tears as she tried to explain how much she loves her daughter Bubbles Renee Walker–yes, that’s her real name–and her twin sons. Not only that, both she and Caresha confirmed they want more children, but also covered overcoming one flip side of motherhood joy.
Walker had previously revealed that she experiencing post-partum depression after welcoming Bubbles with London
On Da Track. 
“I feel like people have post-partum when they don’t have the support that they need. It could be a hormonal imbalance, just for me, it was just not having the support that I needed,” she said. “…I had one kid and I was like f**k this sh*t sucks, like I was really depressed and it wasnt about the child. I loved her, I just needed help. But now I have three and I’m like ‘oh my god, I’m so happy.’ You would think I would be like ‘f**k’ but now that I have the help that I need I’m just like this is great.”
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That help includes maintaining a strict co-parenting relationship with London and Larry, father to her sons. And by strict, Summer means them not having any access to her phone or her presence–no takebacks or sneaky links! She told Caresha she does London and Larry “the same way.”
“I don’t talk to them. You won’t see me, can’t call me,” Summer said. When Yung Miami asked about them spinning the block, Summer Walker responded, “No, when I’m done, I’m done.”

Meanwhile, she makes plans to enjoy her solo time! Once the kids are bathed, and in bed, Summer Walker says she peaces out, and if London and Larry are on daddy duties, she takes trips. The point is to make YOU time, the singer says.
“I just feel like moms lose theirselves in their kids, and that’s when it be like f**ked up. You still gotta make time for yourself…if you wanna get cute, if you wanna take a bath, go to the spa, take a trip, whatever it is, as long as you carve that time out, I feel like you won’t feel like you missing nothing. I have no shame. Soon as my kids go to sleep, I hit the streets.”

“Girls Need Love Too” Singer Confirms She’s Dating Lil Meech
These days, for Summer Walker, it seems like hitting the streets includes spending time with Lil Meech! While some people online have argued that she’s “moving fast,” the singer would likely agree. She told Miami that she isn’t a cheater, but she’ll leave a man “for another n***a quick.”
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Though she’s felt the desire to settle with her child’s father, Summer says she refuses to waste her good years on unchanged behavior.
“There ain’t nothing more than you be wanting to be with your baby daddy, but the thing is when you see how a motherf**ker is and you know, after you done tried your hardest, that they not gon change, I’m not ’bout to waste my good years. Sit up here I’m f**king 35 with your a** and you still doing the same sh*t. Now, I finally say imma leave and now is hmmm hmm, I don’t even got it like that no more. No, while I’m young, and fine and rich, let me go.”

While she’s “young and fine,” the R&B singer-songwriter is dating Lil Meech, who is giving “BIG Meech,” Summer confirmed. She wanted “at least six months before people started to investigate” because “it’s fresh.” But she did say it’s “going great” and hinted that they might already be talking about having kids.
“I’m having such a great time. There’s the saying if it costs my peace then it’s too expensive and as long as I have my peace, I’m having a great time. I love that I don’t have to argue with no n***a, argue ’bout nothing with nobody. I could just live my life like this forever.”

Summer Walker Says Hemp Milk Was A Last Resort For Bubbles
In the interview, Summer also addressed the 2021 backlash she received after posting an infant bottle and hemp seeds, honey, and mushrooms next to a blender. There was also significant commentary about Bubbles’ weight, stemming from a separate photo of Walker holding the infant.

Chile I’m praying for summer walker and her baby bc WTF is this shit?????
— 𝔤𝖆𝔦𝔞‘𝔰 𝔞𝔯𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩 👼🏾 (@xopinkvodka6) May 25, 2021

She revealed to Miami that doctors prescribed her medicine for a cough that limited her breast milk supply. Hemp milk was a last resort after issues with giving Bubbles other types of milk.
“It’s because the doctors, this was always something that was like so f**ked up to me. I had a good milk supply, and I had a cough somehow, and this is why I really love herbs and all that sh*t now. The doctors gave me some medicine that stopped my breast milk. You know, that’s the worst feeling in the world you can’t feed your child, they just crying and sh*t.”
She says she tried cow-milk-based formula, and it gave Bubbles hives, claiming it could’ve been because of her vegan diet during pregnancy. Then, she tried a soy-based formula, and it caused Bubbles severe constipation.


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