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Ride the Waves: A Comprehensive Guide to the Top Surf Camps in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico, with its breathtaking beaches and world-class waves, has become a haven for surfers and ocean enthusiasts seeking the perfect wave. Whether you’re planning a surf trip, looking for surf gear, or simply seeking inspiration for your next surf adventure, Puerto Rico’s surf camps offer an ideal blend of sun, sea, and skill enhancement. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive into the top surf camps in Puerto Rico, helping you choose the perfect destination to ride the waves.

Rincon Surf Resort:

Rincon Surf Resort stands out as one of the longest-running surf schools in Rincon, catering to everyone from total beginners to advanced surfers. The dedicated staff, comprised of true watermen, is committed to not just getting you to stand up on a surfboard but fostering a deeper understanding of the sport. With options like private group lessons, solo private lessons, and guided adventures, Rincon Surf Resort provides a holistic experience. The resort package includes a superior room, surf lessons or surf guiding, relaxation or sports massage, and unlimited use of surfboards.


For an all-inclusive surf experience in Aguadilla, Surf2Live offers a fantastic Surfari package that welcomes surfers of all levels. The package includes a three-night stay in a private villa, three meals a day, transportation to and from the airport, transportation to surf spots, professional surf instruction, and all necessary gear. Aguadilla’s incredible waves, coupled with its picturesque beaches and diverse activities, make Surf2Live an excellent choice for a memorable surf camp in Puerto Rico.

Surf 787:

Nestled in Rincon, Surf 787 offers an exclusive beach-view vacation home with a private pool. Certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and endorsed by the Association Surfing Puerto Rico (ASPR), their surf school ensures a safe and enjoyable learning experience. With personalized lessons for adults and kids of all skill levels, Surf 787 caters to individual needs. The villa, designed for surfing activities and unique retreats, also features a Yoga studio with a stunning view of Rincon’s ocean and treetops.

Pure Life Surf School:

Located in Aguadilla, Pure Life Surf School provides professional surf programs and lessons, emphasizing not only learning to surf but also becoming a good surfer. The Northwest corner of the island offers a variety of surf spots suitable for different conditions. Private surfing lessons at Pure Life Surf School ensure a personalized approach to learning, covering everything from surfing fundamentals to ocean safety.

Duke’s Surf School:

Duke’s Surf School boasts ISA and USLA certified instructors, offering lessons that cover equipment introduction, surf awareness and safety, on-shore exercises, and plenty of practice in the water. The school provides all necessary equipment, making it a convenient choice for those looking for a hassle-free surfing experience. From surf etiquette to emergency calls, Duke’s Surf School ensures that students gain valuable skills and knowledge.

Skudin Surf:

While Skudin Surf typically operates in New York, it offers surf&stay packages in Puerto Rico. The camp includes a fun testing period, land lessons, and focused surfing sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, Skudin Surf provides opportunities to work closely with professional surf instructors in both private and group settings.

Pine Grove Surf Club:

At Pine Grove Surf Club, the brothers Hector, Gustavo, and Ebaldo, with over 30 years of experience, treat you like family. The camp offers a personalized experience, whether you’re into surfing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, or kayaking. Surf lessons take place at Pine Grove Beach and are tailored to individual skill levels, ensuring a fun and safe learning environment.

PR Surf Adventures:

PR Surf Adventures provides a great opportunity to make the most of your time in Puerto Rico, offering surf coaching and local surf knowledge to score the best waves. From individual surf lessons to full-day surfing experiences and even surfing photo shoots, PR Surf Adventures caters to various preferences. Additionally, they offer foil lessons, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboards, waterfall tours, cave tours, and more.


In conclusion, Puerto Rico stands as a premier destination for surfers, and its top surf camps offer a diverse range of experiences for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you choose Rincon Surf Resort for its extensive lessons, Surf2Live for an all-inclusive Surfari, or any other camp mentioned here, what matters most is your attitude towards the experience. Come with an open mind, ready to learn, practice, and make the best out of your surf vacation. Explore the waves, meet new friends, and enjoy the adventure that Puerto Rico’s surf camps have to offer. If surf camps aren’t your preference, consider booking a hotel with a beachfront view and enjoy a surf vacation at your own pace. Check out the best hotel deals on Booking.com and get ready to ride the waves in Puerto Rico.



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