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I get a little giddy when function and fashion collide. Nowhere is that more obvious than with the best high top sneakers for men. Thanks to urban streetwear, high tops are perpetually trendy, but each fashionable pair is not without its sneaky support for the foot and ankle.

Additionally, high tops are adored by guys because they’re versatile. Snag a suede pair and throw them on with crisp, tailored trousers, or freshen up a suit with comfortable, fly leather sneaks. Because they cover the ankle, they’re suitable in spring and winter. And because it’s a sneaker first and foremost, they always look great in a pair of shorts.

You can work in a high top sneaker, you can ball in a high top sneaker, and you can even stand around looking effortlessly cool in the best high top sneakers money can buy. I’ve made sure to highlight the cream of the crop, from price to brand and of course, wearability.

Let’s take a peek at the 7 best high top sneakers for men below.

Key Takeaways 

For this quest I began poring over hundreds of photos, customer reviews, and even my own closet until I whittled it down to the 7 finalists you see on this list. Overall, the best high top sneakers for men are Cariuma OCA High Top because they’re solidly built by hand, excellently priced, and built for durability and sport. For an urban, basketball-style shoe from a major name brand, look no further than Adidas Men’s Post Move Mid Basketball Shoe.

wearing a pair of cariuma high top suede sneakerscariuma / Instagram

Cariuma OCA High Top in Brown Suede

Why it’s Great: Cariuma will always make my best sneaker list. That’s because it’s a skate brand first with a focus on comfort and durability. But the OCA high top is downright fashionable and they’re a bestseller for a reason. Each pair is handmade with a fully stitched outsole and boasts 100% slip-resistant rubber—some seriously fancy details for such a great price. There’s even a handy pull tab at the back. You can pair these versatile suede and cotton canvas sneakers with shorts or dress them up with a pair of trousers.

How they feel: Because they’re designed for movement, lightweight cushioning technology with bio-based cork insoles helps it feel light and dreamy on the foot.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: I can absolutely appreciate the array of neutral colors, but if you’re looking for a fun fashion moment, try elsewhere.

Sizes Available: 5-13 | Material: Suede, cotton canvas, rubber | Colors Available: 6

Velasca Ghisa

Why it’s Great: Here’s the sophisticated high-top sneaker you can wear with a suit. Crafted with simple, elegant lines, it’s the perfect shoe for shorts in spring when you don’t want your ankles out or paired with a wool sock in winter for tons of warmth. The smooth full-grain calfskin leather with its natural breathability is straight-up luxurious, especially when you consider that each pair is made by hand. Expect these to last a lifetime.

How they feel: Prepare to walk for miles in these shoes. The 100% rubber sole is highly durable in a box bottom fashion, meaning it increases toughness and durability.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The high price might be a deterrent for some, but they do happen to make the perfect gift.

Sizes Available: 5-13  | Material: 100% calfskin leather, rubber | Colors Available: 5

Clae Gibson in Black Suede Gum

Why it’s Great: A bit of a sneaker boot, the Gibson offers the best of both worlds. Like a boot, it has gorgeous stitching with a Derby sole and upper, but similar to a sneaker, it has gummy rubber soles with a supportive EVA insole. It’s got a premium leather and polyester lining for warmth, protection, and stability. I like that it’s good for the minimalist who doesn’t want too many bells and whistles on their shoes. A premium staple that is built to last.

How they feel: These feel elegant and sturdy. Because suede also feels elevated, it’s easy to dress this pair up with tailored trousers.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: As much as I love attractive suede construction, this shoe does feel confined to the cooler months.

Sizes Available: 7-13 | Material: Suede, rubber | Colors Available: 2

Oliver Cabell Jabbar High in Exotic

Why it’s Great: A fun, fashion-forward pair intended to simulate natural wear, this Oliver Cabell high-top sneaker feels trendy and fresh. Hand-stitched so no two pairs are the same, you can choose from a variety of color combos from neutral to colorful, like this Exotic option. It’s hard not to fall for the buttery calfskin leather sourced and made in Italy—transparently, of course. Each aspect of the shoe, including the durable, lightweight rubber outsole, is priced out and listed on the site, so you can feel good about your purchase.

How they feel: The molded insole provides loads of alleviating comfort, but it is removable, in case you need to add your own.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: This may not be the best option if you need a sleek, dressier pair of high-top sneakers.

Sizes Available: 6-15  | Material: 100% calfskin leather | Colors Available: 8

Adidas Men's Postmove Mid Basketball Shoes

Why it’s Great: Because the original high-top sneaker was made by Converse for basketball players, I had to include a solid basketball shoe that no man can resist. Like Converse, Adidas is straight-up iconic, and this shoe feels like a classic that is always ‘cool.’ With a padded ankle collar for stability and an adjustable hook and loop top strap for support, it functions for sport and fashion alike.

How they feel: You’re simply going to love the Cloudfoam super midsole that offers the utmost comfort and cushioning.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Unfortunately, this pair is made from faux leather. Regardless, reviewers note that it is still very durable.

Sizes Available: 6.5-14  | Material: 100% synthetic leather | Colors Available: 12

Reebok Men's Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker

Why it’s Great: Every guy needs a fresh white sneaker in his closet. This pair is just as solid and long-lasting as one from Nike, but delivered at a fraction of the price. Plus, it has all of the right design details without feeling bulky, like an Air Force One, for instance. It comes with the proper sports elements, including a high-abrasion rubber outsole with plenty of responsiveness and a supple synthetic leather upper with mesh that offers support and breathability.

How they feel: I love this mid-cut design because it looks cool but also lends support and stability to the ankle. And even though these shoes come comfortable, there is a cushiony removable EVA sock liner that accommodates orthotics.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Some reviewers have noted they aren’t the most comfortable if you plan on doing extensive walking.

Sizes Available: 6.5-15  | Material: 100% synthetic leather | Colors Available: 11

Converse All Star All Terrain

Why it’s Great: You already know about the classic Chuck Taylor, so I had to include a new, more versatile high-top sneaker that is actually great for the colder months. If you’re like me, you’ve been freezing in Converse before, but the All Terrain shoe is pretty beefed up. It has a sporty, chunky sole for a modern feel, plus hike-inspired details like a heel pull and traction outsoles to bring out your inner urban warrior. Weather-resistant materials are the icing on the cake, thanks to non-wicking canvas, waterproof leather, and a quilted tongue for added comfort and warmth.

How they feel: This sneaker is more comfortable than your basic Converse, too. It has Ortholie cushioning for all-day comfort, whether you’re walking or standing.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: As much as I love this shoe, it’s not that easy to dress up. Definitely a casual, everyday type of sneaker.

Sizes Available: 3-13 | Material: Canvas, waterproof leather | Colors Available: 4

wearing a pair of ghisa high top sneakers by velascavelascamilano / Instagram

Buying Considerations for the Best High-Top Sneakers For Men 


Mid-cut designs might look trendy and cool, but they come with some seriously good support because they bolster the ankle. That’s because high-top designs were originally made for basketball players who need that extra stability. Look out for words like padded tongue or extra cushioning that signify support. An adjustable hook and loop strap is common on straight sport varieties like the one from Adidas, but other brands have signature elements, too.


This is almost directly related to price. Many of the more affordable best high-top sneakers are made from synthetic leather, which is fine, but that will determine the longevity of the shoes. Real leather can last for decades, especially when accompanied by solid construction. Real suede hangs in there for a long time, too, when properly cared for, and canvas is easy because it’s durable and you can throw them in the wash.

As for the soles, rubber is always the way to go. It is naturally slip-resistant and springy on the foot.


This area is entirely up to you. I will say, neutrals are typically the easiest to pair back to the majority of one’s wardrobe. However, even amongst neutrals, decisions remain. Brown? Gray? Black? And everyone needs a white pair. When shopping for a new staple, I always run through my current wardrobe to determine how many items a new piece will pair with. Of course, you can do this with a pop of color shoe, too. They might surprise you and end up being the fashion piece you turn to the most.

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Why you should trust us

I’m a fashion and grooming writer at FashionBeans, meaning I compare, test, and research everything you can carry, wear, and use to stay healthy and on-trend. For this review, I researched a host of trust sources and even reviewed my own closet (and my partner’s) to understand what makes a great quality product that meets quality function and current style. I started off with over 50 considerations and narrowed it down to the top 7 that will best fit a range of discerning consumers. Ultimately, I want to see everyone find the best high-top sneakers.

Final Verdict 

The best high-top sneakers for men should be comfortable, durable, and add support and stability to the ankle region, thanks to the mid-cut design. The best pair is the Cariuma OCA High Top because it’s versatile, well-priced, and built for sport, meaning it’s highly durable with lightweight comfort.


    • The best high top sneakers for men are very trendy and have been for decades.

      • If you need extra ankle support for work or sport, high top sneakers are definitely worth it. Even if you’re not looking for added stability, they are a fashion ‘do.’

        • Guys can absolutely wear high top shoes! Anyone who likes the style or needs ankle support can turn to the best high top sneakers for men.


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