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This post contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost‘s Season 3 finale. Proceed accordingly. 
And just like that, a years-long quest for revenge is over.
Friday’s Power Book II: Ghost finale found Tommy (played by guest star/Power Book IV: Force‘s Joseph Sikora) and Tasha finally reaching some peace, long after she killed his fiancée LaKeisha in Power‘s sixth season.
“I’ve already lost too much family, Tommy. We don’t need to kill each other. Let’s dead this s–t,” Tasha said, and after some discussion, a relieved Tommy agreed to end their beef. Then, after warning Tariq not to kill Monet Tejada and invoke the wrath of her family, Tommy slipped into his car and left New York City, ostensibly headed for Chicago. (Read a full recap of the episode here.)

When TVLine spoke to Sikora about the episode, we wondered whether the concept of “family” — a word that gets bandied about a lot in the Powerverse, and particularly during Tommy’s gunfight-turned-heart-to-heart with Tasha — might mean something different to Egan now that he’s discovered he has a half-brother and nephew.
“I think that it does,” Sikora said. The revelation in Season 1 that JP is his half brother “really blew his mind and really shook him.” He added that though the first season of Power Book IV: Force showed Tommy on top of things for the most part, “we’re gonna see Tommy not land on his feet quite so much in Season 2, which is far more in line with Tommy on Power.”
Fans will have to wait until September for the next chapter of Force; Starz recently announced that the Windy City-set drama will return on Friday, Sept. 1. (Watch a teaser trailer.)


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