Ode to 2 p.m. Coffee – Jarastyle

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Ode to 2 p.m. Coffee - Jarastyle

Everyday, lately, I have a cup of coffee at 2 p.m., and let me tell you, I love it so, so much.

Why? I couldn’t do life without it. And 2 p.m. is the sweet spot for afternoon coffee, IMHO.

It’s still early enough in my day so that I can utilize the power of coffee to fuel me through the afternoon and evening, but not soo late that I’m buzzing all night long.

Coffee fuels life

Currently in this season of my life (young kid, new job, house to keep up) there are so many tasks, and having the extra caffeine boost really helps in the afternoon!

I’m usually feeling tired when I get from work, but I know that if I don’t do at least some “life things” between 3 and 8 p.m., I’ll be in a world of hurt come the weekend.

Mom taxi

When I leave work, I go into mom taxi mode. Ha! I pick Connor up from school, and then we usually pop into the grocery store and then go home. Once we get home, she makes herself a snack, and then she watches some cartoons, does homework and gets ready for dance.

While she’s doing those things, I catch up on house admin (phone calls, bills, planning whatever needs to get planned and whatnot), then I write, and sneak in a quick workout if I can.

What’s for dinner?

Next thing I know, it’s time to take her to dance, and when I come back, I make dinner for the evening and lunch for the next day.

After I pick her up from dance, we eat and get ready for bed. When Connor’s in the shower, I’m cleaning up the kitchen and doing at least another tidying task, like vacuuming or wiping down the bathroom counters or a load of laundry; otherwise if I leave those things for the weekend, I know I’ll be stuck doing chores all weekend long!

And then I pass out

After that’s done, I shower and change and get ready for bed, and then I help Connor with her bedtime routine, which is usually reading and a short (or sometimes long) chat before she falls asleep.

At this time, I’ve exhausted the caffeine and myself completely, LOL! And I usually stumble into bed and fall asleep pretty quickly.

I’m sure I could do it all without coffee, but I probably would be a lot grumpier and slower. Thank goodness for 2 p.m. coffee!

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