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Any point on the map of Great Britain is no further than 75 miles from the coastline. Not surprisingly, the United Kingdom has developed its own tradition of beach photography. After all, if American photographers created street photography, then the British, in the words of the legendary photographer Martin Parr, have a beach. Here people can relax, relax, and sometimes even behave a little eccentric.British photojournalist Martin Parr has photographed beaches for many years. He began his photographic studies in New Brighton in 1986, and later began shooting all over the world: Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Latvia, etc. The presented series is one of the best creations of Martin Parr, a little absurd and at the same time extremely life-affirming.Martin Parr, the famous English photojournalist, was born in 1952. He studied photography at Manchester Metropolitan University. Member of the Magnum agency since 1994.This author was not indifferent to the topic of beaches from the very time when he first had a camera in his hands. The first project that brought Parr international recognition was also related to the beaches. This project was his photo series Last Resort (The last refuge)Martin Parr calls the beach “a theatrical stage, the action on which is constantly changing.” Depending on which country you are in, the number of clothes on beachgoers, their habits and rituals vary.For many decades, during which the author photographed beaches in different countries, he has collected a unique collection, which is a kaleidoscope of human absurdity.A number of critics consider Parr’s artistic style as provocative, and his photographic works are considered a mockery of others.Perhaps some of the people caught in his lens would dream of destroying the photographer, but Parr himself claims that he never tries to laugh at the objects of his photographs, rather-to laugh with them.His photos seem to say: “Look how funny we are, how colorful and ridiculous life can be.”


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