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A couple days ago, 100% Electronica — the label founded by George Clanton and Lindsey French — announced the lineup for its ElectroniCON festival, which is set to take place in August this year. Top billed was John Maus, a musician who has become persona non grata after attending the January 6th Capitol attack in 2021. Before that, he also faced criticism for his involvement in an alt-right Adult Swim series. Now, 100% Electronica and George Clanton have removed Maus from the lineup and posted a lengthy statement on social media.
Here is Clanton’s statement:
Due to the response by our ElectroniCON family of performers and fans, we have decided to move forward on this year’s festival without John Maus.
I, George Clanton, apologize to everyone who felt unseen by this lineup decision, and the artists who have been unduly dragged into controversy. ElectroniCON is defined by its focus on outsider, underground electronic music and inclusive environment. We selected each of the venues that have hosted ElectroniCON events carefully as spaces that have historically held an inclusive space for POC and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We will never allow our singular event to turn into an unsafe space for our POC and LGBTQ+ fans and artists on the bill.
As longtime fans of John Maus’ music, we looked to his lyrics, crowds drawn during recent festival appearances and his statements denouncing white supremacy, fascism and violence against LGBTQ+ as evidence that his inclusion on our lineup wouldn’t attract a vitriolic crowd at ElectroniCON. We underestimated the division this booking would sew amongst our community and did not anticipate a toxic war of words to potentially move beyond the internet into our concert space. John Maus and team agreed the best thing for all is to step away from the show.
I regret that this has given cause to anyone to question our vehement stance against fascism. I, along with 100% Electronica and the venue, assure our incredible fanbase that ElectroniCON this year, along with all others past and future, will continue to be an inclusive event for all.
–Beyond that, I know for some of those more deeply involved in the ongoing discourse – your questions cannot be answered by a simple statement. I will be appearing tomorrow on a special edition of the @hottakesvapor live podcast at 9PM ET to answer your questions in conversation. As well as fielding user submitted questions through @vwnewsnetwork podcast later this week. More on that to follow
Maus has made very few public appearances since the insurrection, though he did perform at the Substance Festival in Los Angeles in the fall of 2021. In the past few weeks, however, Maus has lined up shows in London and Sweden — also set to take place in August — and there is talk of a new album on the way.
ElectroniCON had been his most prominent booking so far, though vaporwave fans were vocal online in their opposition to his appearance on the lineup. Peruse the r/vaporwave subreddit and the comments on 100% Electronic’s Instagram post announcing the festival and you’ll see many people who criticized the decision to have Maus headline the event.
100% Electronica and Clanton’s statement is below.

I know all of your questions cannot be answered in a simple statement, so i will be appearing on @hottakesvapor tomorrow at 9pm et to answer questions in conversation, and taking user submitted questions via @VWNewsNetwork to be responded to in podcast form later this week. -gc pic.twitter.com/lrWwF98JF8
— 100% Electronica™ (@100pelectronica) June 27, 2023


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