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A father in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, is facing charges after unknowingly sending his child to school with a loaded gun. According to WPLG Local 10, Park Lakes Elementary School security staff discovered the firearm early Tuesday (April 25) morning.
Immediately, the institution went into lockdown. Principal Rhonda Parris released a statement shortly afterward and noted that the incident “did not involve any threats toward our school.”
“This morning, our security team safely confiscated a loaded weapon that was found inside a student’s backpack. I want to assure you this situation did not involve any threats toward our school and all students are safe.”
Broward Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Gerdy St. Louis also commented on the matter, noting that authorities “made contact” with the child’s father. According to St. Louis, the father claimed to have “accidentally placed the weapon in the wrong bag.”

“Deputies made contact with the student and the child’s father, who stated he accidentally placed the weapon in the wrong bag.”
She added, “The weapon was confiscated, and the father is being charged accordingly.”

Later, the parent was identified as Rasheed Anderson, 34, and charged with unsafely storing a firearm.
A Virginia Child Recently Shot His Teacher After Taking A Gun To School
This situation in South Florida may remind readers of another matter in Newport News, Virginia. As The Shade Room reported, a teacher named Abby Zwerner was shot at Richneck Elementary School earlier this year while attempting to confiscate a gun from her 6-year-old student.
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Authorities said the matter was “not an accidental shooting.” Zwerner eventually filed a $40M lawsuit against administrators. Specifically, the 25-year-old alleged that school officials didn’t take sufficient action to thwart the shooting.
Eventually, the child’s mother, Deja Taylor, was eventually charged with felony child neglect. As for the 6-year-old, authorities ultimately decided not to charge him anything.
We should also add that the family notes that the child has an “acute disability.”


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