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Conway the Machine really is a machine.

Back in May, fresh off releasing his Won’t He Do It album in May, Conway was gearing up to hit the road on tour. Unfortunately, he went down with a significant leg injury – a fractured right tibia and dislocated kneecap, to be exact. That wasn’t stopping the Machine from putting in work, though. Just as he’s done before, he bounced right back, pressing record the moment he was released from the hospital.

Now, with the tour back on and a couple projects on the way, Conway the Machine is back at the DopeHouse putting the spotlight on the rest of his Drumwork roster with the release of a new project, Drumwork: The Album.

Led by “LALO” with Benny the Butcher + 38 Spesh and “Elephant Man” with Rome Streetz + B$F’s Heem, the album comes equipped with 13 tracks with music from Conway and his crew (Jae Skeese, 7xvethegenius, Goosebytheway, SK Da King, Kota Savia, Lucky Seven) with features from ElCamino, D Smoke, and a few others.

Press play below and be sure to add Conway the Machine Presents Drumwork: The Album wherever you get music.

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