Babyface Ray shares fashion tips on new song “Donda Bag” – Jarastyle

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Babyface Ray is back with another ice-cold oddball banger. The Detroit rapper has been pumping out a steady stream of strong singles since the release of his most recent, MOB, in December. Today’s track, “Donda Bag,” is easily one of the best.

Ray’s raspy, slightly disturbed flow is at its finest here as he raps about about his lavish lifestyle and his penchant for all-black fashion. The characteristically stoned Space beat features a dreamy, arpeggiated synth, a militaristic trap hi-hat, and a detuned 808 kick that throws the whole affair ever-so-slightly off kilter.

“My neck good, my face clean, my pockets full, my people straight,” Ray raps at the start of the hook, rattling off these accomplishments and more in a chilly, detached tone. “Come through black on black, my windshield black, I been in my Donda bag,” he finishes, most likely referring to Kanye West’s Donda-era fits.

“Donda Bag” comes with a black-and-white music video, courtesy of Kardiak, in which Ray directs a fashion shoot of his own and walks the runway with the models. Watch it above.


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