A new posthumous King Von album is on the way – Jarastyle

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The 2020 death of Chicago rapper King Von was a tragic and definitive turning point in drill music, as well as the loss of a prodigiously talented lyricist. Two years after his passing saw the release of What It Means To Be King, and on July 14, a second posthumous album called Grandson will be released via Empire.

The project’s lead single is “Heartless,” a cut of classic Von featuring Detroit’s Tee Grizzley. Over a twinkling beat somewhere between a horror movie theme and a jack-in-the-box melody, Von offers his trademark amped-up threats while Grizzley opts for a more restrained tack that’s no less intimidating. Listen to the track below.

June saw the release of “Robberies,” another Von track that will be included on Grandson‘s tracklist.


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