A journey into Africa’s untamed beauty Jarastyle travel

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BBC Earth’s highly anticipated “Planet Earth III,” set to premiere on Monday, February 19 at 20:00 on BBC Earth, DStv Channel 184, promises an awe-inspiring exploration into the heart of Africa’s diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Presented by the iconic Sir David Attenborough, the eight-part series brings viewers closer to nature than ever before, showcasing the beauty and struggles of Africa’s breathtaking landscapes, including captivating scenes filmed in South Africa.

A journey into Africa's untamed beauty Jarastyle travel

A Unique Connection to South Africa

Filmed over nearly five years, “Planet Earth III” holds a special connection to South Africa, featuring segments that capture the raw beauty of the country’s landscapes. The series provides local audiences with a sense of pride and connection to the captivating stories unfolding in their own backyard.

Journey Into Africa’s Heart

Utilizing pioneering filmmaking technology, “Planet Earth III” invites viewers on a captivating journey from remote jungles to scorching deserts, dark caves to the ocean’s depths, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of Africa’s wildlife. The first episode, titled ‘Coasts,’ unfolds the dramatic struggle for survival on South Africa’s Robberg Peninsula, where Cape fur seals confront the formidable great white shark.

New Behaviors, New Technology

The series goes beyond traditional wildlife storytelling, unveiling never-before-seen behaviors and survival strategies. Cutting-edge thermal imaging technology captured the return of lions to Namibia’s Coast after 40 years, offering a glimpse into the lives of orphan lion sisters who adapt to hunting at night using military-grade thermal cameras.

African Wildlife Spotlight

“Planet Earth III” turns the spotlight on Africa’s rich wildlife ecosystem, featuring diverse species and highlighting unique environments:

  • Witness the survival strategies in the Kalahari Desert.
  • Experience the wildebeest migration in Kruger National Park.
  • Explore the Drakensberg Mountains’ unique flora and fauna.
  • Dive into the aquatic life of the Okavango Delta.
  • Observe the intense struggle for survival on Robberg Peninsula.
  • Follow Namibia’s ‘desert lions’ and their return after 40 years.
  • Watch an ostrich family’s poignant journey in the Namib Desert.
  • Join a troop of desert baboons in their quest for water.
  • Observe leopards’ aerial hunting tactics in Southern Africa.
  • Witness the spectacular elephant herds at Zakouma National Park.

Inspiring Conservation

Through local scenes and stories, “Planet Earth III” aims to inspire South African viewers to take a closer interest in the natural world, conservation challenges, and the significance of protecting these precious ecosystems for future generations. Don’t miss the premiere on BBC Earth, a celebration of Africa’s untamed beauty.


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