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Whether you are attending your best friend’s or your favorite cousin’s nuptials, the best wedding guest hairstyle can help you feel and look your best on their very special day. Be it a traditional ceremony or a casual celebration, these hairstyles are designed to make you look effortlessly glamorous.

From charming updos to romantic waves, these hairstyles are a celebration in themselves. So, if you are ready to bring your A-game, scroll down to discover the perfect wedding guests hairstyles that align with your taste and choice. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and select the best hairdo that will surely turn some heads on that special day!

50 Wedding Guest Hairstyles You Need to Try

Whether you are attending a formal affair or a laid-back celebration, you can find a hairstyle to  match any dress and venue down below. Buckle up and scroll down through these 50 versatile and stylish hairdos that are sure to help you leave a lasting impression on the special day.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Long Hair

Worried about the best way to flaunt your luscious long locks? We got you covered! Turn heads at the wedding with your own fabulous flair with 5 simple hairstyles. Scroll down and let those tresses do the talking.

1. Long Curly Ponytail

Embrace your natural curls by sporting a thick, cascading ponytail. It is the perfect blend of carefree curls and polished perfection, making it a great choice for a casual celebration. Make sure you keep the front sleek and polished to add a touch of sophistication to your hairdo.

2. Big Braided Bun

Make a statement at weddings with this bold showstopper. All you need to do is gather your thick and gorgeous hair into a braid, then wrap it into a big bun. This is a brilliant way to show off your tresses’ thickness because when it comes to wedding guest hairstyles for long hair!

3. Sleek Ponytail

This easy wedding guest hairstyle is sleek, simple, and chic, the perfect balance between sexy and classy. Apply mousse to your locks, then comb your hair into a high or low ponytail. Yes, it is that easy!

4. Messy Low Bun With Side Braids

Embrace the charm of this delightful fusion of a low bun and relaxed braid. The carefree side braids with flowers or elegant sparkly accessories, like pearls or rhinestone pins, give this hairdo a playful yet romantic look.

5. Low Double Buns

The perfect example of effortlessness meeting sophistication. All you need to do is fold in your waves into a low bun at the nape. Loosen some pieces of hair around your ears for a romantic look. Lastly, spritz some hairspray to keep your buns in place all day.

6. Messy Bun With A Bouffant

This hairdo can be your go-to if you are looking for a quick and easy fix. Whether you have short or long hair, this look is perfect for creating a dreamy and enchanting look at someone’s special day.

7. Cascading High Ponytail

This is a whimsical pick for wedding guests with medium-length hair. Gather your tresses into a high ponytail and secure it with a chic tie for that extra touch of glam and instant charm.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Short Hair

Wedding guest glam knows no length boundaries. All you short-haired rebels get ready to make a big statement with these quirky bold hairstyles for the ultimate wedding guest vibe.

8. Braided Side Bun

The braided side bun is one of those hairstyles that is suitable for all women. It is a fun and flirty updo that allows you to look put-together without too much effort. Section your hair in a deep side parting. Weave a braid at the front of the deep side till the back of your head at the opposite side, forming a C with your locks. Then gather your hair and wrap it in a low side bun.

9. Curly Side Updo

If you have short hair, this one is a breeze to achieve. Gather all your locks on one side into an elegant tousled roll. This carefree yet chic side-swept style not only embraces simplicity but also adds a touch of playful sophistication to your look.

10. Swept-Over Pixie

Short hairstyles like pixies offer a plethora of possibilities. You can keep it simple by sweeping your hair over to one side and letting your natural texture shine. Easy, breezy, and stylish, the perfect look for the easy-going wedding guest.

11. Ash Blonde Disco Curls

Channel your inner disco diva as you let those curls cool. Section your hair and grab your trusty curling iron. Once done, shake it out and flaunt those bouncy curls as you dance away on your loved one’s special day.

Medium-Length Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Got that perfect in-between hair length? When it comes to medium-length hair at weddings, it’s all about finding the sweet spot between laid-back cool and charming elegance. Medium-length manes, let’s add a dash of casual chic to your wedding guest look with these quirky hairdos.

12. French Roll High Bun

This hairdo is great for weddings because of its elegant, romantic vibe. Simply gather your hair to create a high bun. Twist the hair as you bring it to the crown, then wrap it in a French roll bun. The textured, soft hair at the back and face-framing tendrils make it a popular choice among bridesmaids and wedding guests.

13. Romantic Low Bun

If you have shoulder-length, then this hairdo is perfect for you. A stylish knot with face-framing locks strike the perfect balance between chic and elegance. The twists add a touch of playfulness, making it a low-key stunner.

14. Textured Ponytail

A timeless hairstyle that can inject some youthfulnes into your wedding guest ensemble. Achieve this chic look by gathering your textured locks for a playful vibe yet sophisticated vibe.

15. Half-Do With A Ribbon

Sometimes simplicity is the best sophistication. For all you straight haired ladies who love a sweet yet sassy look, this hairstyle is the one for you. Add a favorite piece of ribbon and this effortlessly trendy look will surely turn heads at the wedding.

16. Intertwined Messy Bun

This one is a good option for those with medium-length hair. Intertwine the strands, gather, and secure them into a bun, creating an effortlessly chic look with just the right amount of disheveled charm.

17. Braided Updo

Recreate this stylish updo by intertwining side braids and twists into a classy low knot bun. Leave some face-framing locks for a sophisticated and chic finish.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Thin Hair

For thin-haired girlies, remember, it’s not about the quantity but the quality of your style. And with the right tricks, your thin hair can steal the spotlight at any wedding bash. With these chic and light hairdos, let your locks dance at the wedding.

18. Wavy And Voluminous Halfdo

This one is a delightful mix of tousled and cascading waves. While it may seem impossible to achieve this much volume, you can with the help of hair extensions. Once you attach the extensions, mimic this carefree chic look by first creating loose waves with your go-to styling tool. Then, gather your hair into a low half ponytail, letting those waves cascade down effortlessly. It is the perfect blend of messy and marvelous because why choose one when you can have both?

19. High-Textured Ponytail

If you have thin hair, a texturizing or volumizing product can make all the difference. Throw in a high-textured ponytail and you have the perfect combination of sass and sophistication. Add some waves to your tresses using a curler or flat iron. Then spritz on some hairspray and texturizing spray or powder on your waves. Gather your textured hair into a high ponytail for a chic look.

20. Long Fishtail Braid

Another trick to making thin hair look thicker is pancaking your braids. A chic fishtail braid that is perfect for you black-haired queens. Part your hair into two sections. Take a small strand from the outer edge of one section and cross it over to the other. Repeat this, alternating sides, until you reach the end. Secure it with a tie and gently pull on the sides for a fuller, textured fishtail effect.

21. High Rose Bun

If you have thin hair, choosing a well-sculpted hairstyle can make your locks look thicker. This high rose hairdo will not only elevate your hair game but also help you stand out in the crowd. Start with a small 3-strand braid and alternate between Dutch and fishtail braids to create depth and dimension.

Shoulder-Length Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Short Hair

You are in the sweet spot of casual and quirky with shoulder-length hair. You can easily rock those short locks with playful waves or go for a flirty bob that screams fun sophistication. Get ready to dance the night away with a hairstyle that is as lively as you are.

22. Modern French Roll

A super versatile and effortless hairdo that can be sported at work or your bestie’s nuptials. Tie your hair in a high ponytail, then fold in your short locks to create the roll effect. Secure the back and folded hair with hair-colored pins. This playful roll is the perfect wedding guest hairstyle that screams style and class. Add in some wispy bangs for a soft romantic look.

23. Horizontal French twist

This French hairdo might be the cool twist your wedding look needs. If you have short, straight locks, you can effortlessly gather them into this lovely updo. For those with thin, short locks, use a sock or bun maker to make the twist look fuller.  It is ideal for those hot summer weddings when you want to keep it cool without compromising your style.

24. Minimalist Bun With Flowers

This stylish hairdo is an easy solution for those with short hair. Gather your shoulder-length locks into a bun and create a subtle bouffant for volume. Then, add your favorite flowers to complete the look.

Wedding Guest Updo Hairstyles

Updos are not just elegant, they can be downright casual and chic too. Experiment with updos by adding a quirky twist with braided elements or playful hair accessories that turn your locks into a work of art. With these casually chic updos, you will be ready to hit the dance floor with style and flair.

25. Intertwined High Bun

Elevate your wedding guest game with this hairdo. Achieve this chic look by first styling your hair in curls. Then gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Then, arrange the curls to form the intertwined high bun and secure the sections with bobby pins. You are now ready to rock that wedding with style and flair!

26. Ballerina Bun

Ballerina buns are a classic style that is a favorite among the ladies.Their versatile nature and easy accessibility are why they continue to capture hearts even today. Create this look by gathering your hair into a high bun and securing it with an elastic. Now, wrap a colorful ribbon around the bun for an elegant finish.

27. Loose Donut Bun

The donut bun is a versatile hairstyle that can be done in 5 minutes. Pull your hair into a high ponytail and fold it over a donut bun maker. Secure it with an elastic band, covering the donut completely. Wrap the remaining hair around the base and secure it with pins for a polished finish.

protip_iconprotip_icon Pro Tip

If you have thin hair, this loose donut bun is a great go-to daily hairstyle. Once you tie your hair in the high ponytail, gently tug at the hair on the front and back to achieve a fuller look. After creating the donut bun, pancake the bun and then spritz on hairspray.

28. Polished Low Bun

This one is an absolute gem for wedding guests! It is perfect for those divas who want a touch of elegance without the fuss. Pair it with an elegant sequined dress and your favorite stilettos for a classy look.

Tress Down Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

These hairstyles are all about effortless charm. Add a touch of glam with strategically placed hairpins or go full-on boho with loose curls adorned with flowers. When your hair is down, the options are endless, and the vibe is effortlessly carefree.

29. Long Hollywood Waves

A classic hairstyle that never goes out of style. Luscious, flowing waves that exude effortlessly glamor. Your curling iron, a brush, some mousse, and a lot of practice are all you need to recreate this silver screen magic. Don a beautiful dazzling dress and some red lipstick and rest assured you will be the talk of the evening!

30. Long Loose Curls

If you are not willing to go down the updo road, just leave your natural curls loose. Add some floral accessories to create an elegant and ethereal look. Embrace your curls and celebrate them with a touch of floral charm.

31. Fishtail Crown Braid

The ultimate medium-length hair magic for wedding guests. Achieve this chic look by creating loose beach waves with your favorite styling tool. Then, gather some hair on the front of each side of your head. Weave each section into a fishtail braid and secure them with hair ties. Then crisscross the braids to form a semi-crown and let the rest of your locks cascade down your back. Top it off with some bling and voilà, you have got a masterpiece.


protip_icon Pro Tip

You can use accessories such as pearls, beads, or rhinestone clips to elevate any of these hairstyles. You can try feathers, flowers, and small leaves to give your locks a boho or romantic vibe.

32. Floral Messy Half-Do

An easy hairdo that can bring out the carefree elegance in you. Section the hair by leaving face-framing waves in the front, gather the rest, and twist to secure it at the back. Crown the twists with delightful floral accessories for a charmingly chic look.

33. Curly Braided Half-Do

This one is perfect for the wedding guest who wants to steal the show with curls. Let your lush curls cascade freely with a charming braided top knot. You can add some flowers or pearls to complete the look.

Bob Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Bob babes, it is time to bring the playful charm to the wedding party. These bob hairstyles for wedding guests are all about casual chic with a dash of quirky fun.

34. Beach Wavy Bob

A hairstyle where simple meets elegance. The bronde highlights add a depth dimension to the tousled waves, making it the perfect wedding guest look for ladies with short hair. Get ready to slay without breaking a sweat!

35. Short Bob With An Undercut

Channel your inner maven with this short bob that frames your face gracefully, while the undercut adds an extra edginess to the look. Notice how the back of the bob is blunt but the front is more A-line and asymmetric. This helps frame the face, while letting your hair look thick.

36. Asymmetrical Bob

This one is for all the rebellious girls out there. This playful bob is all about defying the norm with one side slightly longer, framing your face in a flirtatious way. Short at the back, longer in the front – a cheeky twist that is anything but ordinary. Try this asymmetrical bob to bring an edgy charm to your wedding look.

37. Half-Up Half-Down Bob

A hairdo that is effortless and stylish, making it the ideal look for a casual celebration. Achieve this playful look by gathering the upper half of your hair into a carefree knot, leaving the rest tousled and free. The perfect shortcut to glamor for all you lazy ladies out there.

Hairstyles For Wedding Guests Over 50

Remember, age is just a number, and your hairstyle can be as casual and quirky as you want it to be at the wedding celebration. It is all about celebrating your fabulous self with confidence.

38. Messy Silver Bob

This is a hairstyle where timeless elegance meets a touch of metallic magic, perfect for wedding guests over 50. This chic bob celebrates the beauty of silver strands, turning them into a statement. Age is just a number and silver is the new chic. Rest assured, this hairstyle will steal the spotlight.

39. Twisted Low Bun

A variation of the classic chignon, this hairdo is an easy choice for wedding guests over 50. Section your hair into three parts and take the back section and gather it into a ponytail. Then, turn your ponytail into a bun and take the remaining two sections and pin them to the side of the chignon. Leave some loose ends and spray some hairspray to complete the look.

40. Sleek Chignon

This is a go-to wedding guest hairstyle for medium-length locks. Achieve this chic look by gathering your hair low at the nape into a ponytail, then twist and secure it into a sleek chignon with pins. For you ladies with medium-length hair, this one is a blend of sophistication and fun!

41. Sleek Knotted Bun

Elevate your elegance with the timeless knotted bun. Put your locks into a high or low ponytail. Then, create a simple knot by looping the hair around itself and securing it with bobby pins. The result is a stylish bun that is a celebration of timeless beauty.

Summer Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Summer wedding vibes call for hairstyles as cool as the breeze. Whatever your style, let your hair reflect the sunny celebration with effortless charm at that summer wedding bash.

42. Messy Low Ponytail With A Headband

A messy low ponytail is the perfect way to create a soft and feminine look. Plus, its versatile nature makes it ideal for all hair lengths and textures. Gather your hair into a low ponytail. Then, tease your hair to create a messy and subtle bouffant touch. Once this is complete, add a bedazzled headband for a chic and quirky finish.

43. Messy Half-Up Fishtail Braid

Rock this casual yet playful look at your next summer wedding celebration. All you have to do is create a fishtail braid with half of your hair and let the rest cascade down your back. Once that is complete, knot the section of the braid as you go, leaving the rest open.

44. Low Wavy Ponytail With Highlights

A low ponytail is a simple solution for those with thin hair. You can even add some caramel or honey highlights to make your good old ponytail stand out. If you want to add a little bit of oomph to your look, add your favorite pearls or accessories to make your look the talk of the town.

45. Twisted Low Bun With Blonde Highlights

Step into chic elegance with this hairdo. Weave those twists into delicate plaits, gracefully coming together at the nape of your neck. Secure them in a low bun. If you want to go one step further, you can add some blonde highlights to your hairstyle for a carefree and quirky look.

Braid Hairstyles For Wedding Guests

Time to weave some magic into your wedding guest look with braids that are as casual as they are charming. Whether it is a loose fishtail for that boho flair or a playful crown braid, these braided hairstyles add a touch of whimsy to your vibe. The beauty of braids lies in their versatility, giving you a casually chic and utterly charming option for any wedding celebration.

46. Fishtail Braided Updo

There is no better way to add a playful twist to a classic hairstyle than gathering your fishtail braid into an updo. Pull those braids out slightly for a messy, chic look. You can add your favorite flowers to complete the look.

47. Long Loose Braid

It is not just a braid; it is a statement. Cascading down, sleek, and bold, this braid is an ode to chic simplicity. It is perfect for wedding guests aiming for that classic yet trendy look.

48. Crown Braid With A Bun

You can give a modern twist to this braided hairdo by dividing your hair into two sections. Take some hair from both sides and braid them into a crown braid. Now, tie the remaining hair into a bun, creating a head-turning look.

49. Thick Floral Braid

An ethereal look that only requires weaving your loose waves into a messy braid. Once that is done, you can add some vibrant floral accessories for a boho-chic touch. A mystical hairdo fit for a queen!

50. Mermaid Braid

This wedding guest hairstyle is perfect for those with long locks. Part your hair into two sections. Starting from one side, weave strands over and under, creating a mesmerizing braid that mimics the allure of a mermaid’s tail.

From the enchanting allure of cascading curls to the chic sophistication of twisted buns, these hairstyles are more than just hairdos. Whether you are a fan of the playful messy bun or prefer the timeless elegance of a polished low bun, there is a hairstyle for every wedding guest to make a lasting impression. So, go ahead and choose your perfect hairstyle from our list for a rocking wedding guest ensemble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are updos or down hairstyles more suitable for formal weddings?

Updos are generally more suitable for formal weddings, providing an elegant and polished look. However, down hairstyles are perfect for more casual celebrations. Hence, choose your hairstyle as per the wedding theme and setting.

How can I choose a wedding guest hairstyle that complements my outfit?

Take the neckline into consideration when choosing a hairstyle. Updos go well with dresses featuring intricate necklines, while down hairstyles pair nicely with rounder necklines.

Are there wedding guest hairstyles that work well for different face shapes?

Yes, people with round faces should opt for updos with height or side-swept hairstyles elongate the face, while those with square faces should go for soft curls or waves that soften strong angles.

Can you suggest hairstyles for wedding guests with thin or fine hair?

You can opt for hairstyles such as textured waves, curls, or a tousled updo as they create the illusion of voluminous hair. You may also volumizing products or hair extensions for added fullness and dimension.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a hairstyle that complements the overall dress code of the wedding.
  • Updos such as buns, chignons, or braided buns are classic choices for formal weddings as they exude sophistication and keep the hair neatly in place throughout the event.
  • Loose waves or curls are perfect for casual or semi-formal weddings as they give a soft and romantic look.

Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, there is a hairstyle for everyone! From chic bobs to elegant updos, this insightful video has got it all covered. Check out this video to know more.

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