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A woman is always a mystery and not to everyone under force to find a response. But often on how well we understand the partner’s success in a relationship. Psychologists to help out in the wilds of the female psyche, has identified five basic types of lovers of women, and described the peculiarities of relations with them.For your men it is a real Savior, a fairy godmother and a mother. She cooks, cleans and washes, looks his beloved in his mouth and is almost always inferior, ignoring their needs and interests. This type is not too attracted to confident men who could in childhood years to experience a shortage of maternal affection and care. With the Nurse they’re getting what they were denied in childhood and seem happy, but it is possible that over time I start to get bored. The problem with Nurses is that once choked her concern, not really noticing her as a person. From mother she got an inheritance, the desire to command and to take care of, no matter what. Such a woman is to understand yourself and understand her value as a person and not just as a Supplement to household appliances. You need to understand that you can not be a caring mother for my man — he does not cease to love if the feeling is real enough.A woman does not have to be young — she may be 18 and 30. Lolita is looking for in her man father and builds himself a helpless fool. Her character — an accomplished and wealthy man, accustomed to frequently change women or man, who in childhood lacked a father’s care. This is not surprising because proven that people often tends to give others what he himself lacks.Lolita leaves the family in adult life and is not ready for a real, adult relationship. So she finds a “daddy”, but he becomes a man of a lifetime. Typically, these women grow out of such novels as teenagers from the age when you can be a Tolkien, or a goth. Lolita is growing up and is disappointed in the man or even begins to rebel.Undoubtedly, relationships are sometimes useful to show herself as a little girl in need of care and guardianship. But more importantly to be different: caring hostess, understanding friend, “femme fatale” — then the interest to each other will never fade and it is possible to achieve perfect harmony in the relationship. At first glance, is an ordinary girl, charming, sweet, well-mannered and hard-working. It is distinguished from other, unless some restraint. She may have a lot of friends, including guys, and in one of them it may even be in love. The feelings are already not the first year, but she can’t understand why the object of her adoration so rarely rings.Sleeping beauty will attract men, fixed on his own mother. It guy looking for a lady heart, because I need it, but wants to play it safe, the girl in the relationship won’t work. And the girl, convinced that the first step is to make a man, asleep, awaiting the kiss of a Prince. There are a lot of men, but they are short-lived, attention seeking Sleeping beauty — she always checks them and brings forth distrust. And nobody like.Sleeping beauty is to understand that telepathy is not the best way to build relationships. Male, not receiving feedback, rightly believes that he has no chance and quickly cools to a woman. Also then triggered the feelings — he deserts, so as not to seem pathetic or ridiculous. Problem Sleeping beauties — the fear of being abandoned that is strange, from the point of view of men, behavior.This woman is a top Manager, and not necessarily at work. She is a leader and idea generator in life, with the gift to solve any problems in and out of the most difficult situations. She’s smart, energetic and independent, but her man is the complete opposite. He is indecisive, often feminine type, who raised a loving and overbearing mother.Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung put forward a theory that within each person live two entities — male and female, animus and anima. Ideally, these two parts live in harmony and complement each other. The animus is responsible for masculine qualities, that is, activity, logic and analysis, and anima for the feminine sensuality, flexibility, acceptance. If in a woman the animus takes over anime, it turns out Bruce Lee. Of course, this is not the solution and often from such a energetic person possible to hear complaints that she cannot rely on her man and does everything herself. The control which love these women rescues them from obscurity. But you need to learn to let go — to delegate some things to allow themselves to be incompetent in some matters. Restoring the balance of Yin and Yang within yourself is the goal toward which to strive.A girl usually starts a relationship with jokes and banter. Some time a man even like it, but only as long as family life begins. Then the Saw begins to do in their chosen test cuts, and then she abruptly stops like everything. “Whom I love, and to beat” — the main principle which it uses in family life. Man Saw has a tendency to masochism, which got along with my mother’s strict upbringing. But the problem is not even in the man and his woman, ridiculing and criticizing everyone around, trying to deflect attention from his own person. From it gets to everyone, but it is logical that the most affected people who are close by. Even if such a pair reigns the love, the Saw will have your man eating, because it can not be otherwise.To achieve harmony in private life, saw the need to compile a list of the top 10 claims to her man and to show them yourself. It is well known that irritates us in others is exactly what we don’t like in his character and actions. And, you can occupy yourself with something useful, for example, to start learning a foreign language. Free time will be less, which means less opportunities to harass your man claims.Psychologists can tell a lot about a relationship. They even have the answer to the question, as a woman to behave, so it never left a man.


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