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The overshirt does overtime in your wardrobe. Get it? That’s how it acquired its name. Well, not really, but that doesn’t change the fact that Fashionbeans have got the best overshirts for men waiting for you below.

I’ve found overshirts to be the perfect thing to throw over in the summer evenings when it gets a bit cooler and they look chic with shorts too. And in the winter, remember, the best insulation is just trapped air and a fine method of trapping air is to wear a shit tonne of layers. For a different approach to sub-zero temperatures this year, try a thermal layer, a t-shirt, a hoodie, an overshirt, and a jacket. If that’s a little bulky for you, you can try without the hoodie and see how you get on. The beauty of layering is that you can strip off when you need to.

The overshirt “aesthetic” can veer into the unimaginative. Consider mixing it up by wearing over a wool sweater, or even a turtleneck. How about them apples? For styling, remember it is a casual item and while this can be pushed into smart-casual, never wear when trying to look smart. You will look dumb.

Read on below for the best overshirts for men. Please?

Key Takeaways 

On this journey, I used my memories, various internet forums, and top brands’ e-commerce sites to land on these 5 best overshirts. Overall the best of the best overshirts for men is the All Saints Checked Overshirt. It is environmentally conscious, is high-quality, and nails the casual-flowy aesthetic. I also considered the piece’s affordability, style, and fabrics to make my decisions.

The runner-up is Lee Men’s Workwear Loose Fit Long Sleeve Button-Down Overshirt. This style comes with an eclectic range of fabric choices. Each fabric is as exciting and full of styling possibilities as the last. It’s a feat of engineering that’ll work wonders for your wardrobe.

man wearing the atelier overshirt by form and threadformandthread / Instagram

All Saints Triton Recycled Checked Overshirt

Why it’s great: I know this product is great because I’ve been bossing it all summer long, baby. I can’t explain how much of a perfect companion this is when the chill is descending on a summer’s evening. It is light, yet warm and cozy enough to keep you warm. It also pairs impeccably with a pair of shorts.

How it feels: The brushed finish gives coziness just when you need it. It has a loose-fitting feel, making you as relaxed as the garment. Plus, the tasteful oversized but not huge double front pockets and quality buttons make this a garment of discernment and taste. This is a quiet gem of a piece that I keep returning to.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Only the lack of color options holds this shirt back. But, it’s not a dealbreaker because the effortlessly chic dark brown and light blue interplay across this checked shirt is a delight for the eyeballs.

Sizes: XS-XXL  | Material: 100% recycled polyester | Colors Available: 1

Closed Leather Overshirt

Why it’s great: Now we ascend into the heady heights of luxury. This nappa leather overshirt has an elegant draped look which gives a little high-fashion credentials to the party. The joy of a leather overshirt is that it’s super insulating. Plus, by layering it with a jacket or a coat, it means you can incorporate the difficult-to-style leather into your look, without it dominating the aesthetic. Cool, understated, and flawless.

How it feels: The Nappa leather is a very soft iteration of leather. So unlike other stiff leather jackets, this soft shirt will feel gloriously comfortable to wear and can be layered over with ease.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Not quite as casual or comfortable to wear as brushed cotton, say. But, some trade-offs have to be made when you’re wearing something this cool.

Sizes: XS-XXL  | Material: 100% Nappa leather | Colors Available: 2

Form & Threads Wool Atelier Overshirt

Why it’s great: Atelier. Meaning a workshop or studio, generally for a creative. This beautiful overshirt is the perfect workwear-inspired, Hackney uniform for the creatively inclined. Or, even if you work in accounts and want to roleplay at the weekend, this is great too.

How it feels: The twill merino wool gives this overshirt insulation and heft that tends towards a jacket. So, consider that this might work well as the “outer” layer and not to be worn under a jacket itself. A large puffer jacket could still easily consume this shirt with aplomb though.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The style is, as you read above, easy to be pigeonholed and mocked. That’s not to say it isn’t chic and isn’t cool. Just that it has certain connotations. So wear those connotations with pride!

Sizes: S-XXXL  | Material: 100% 340gsm merino wool | Colors Available: 4

UANEO Mens Shacket Patchwork Long Sleeve Button Down Corduroy Shirts for Men

Why it’s great: When it comes to pinching the pennies and looking suave, these affordable cord shackets have got you covered. I love the combination of the always trendy cord material with the color block approach to design. The pocket stands out as a design feature in and of itself here, which looks cool.

How it feels: The cord will supply some subtle sensory joy. In terms of styling, because it’s a midweight piece, it can be worn with or without a t-shirt underneath. Equally, there is space for a thin-gauge sweater for the spring or fall. If you’re feeling groovy, try it with an off-white roll neck for a suave yet casual feel.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It’s worth assuming that at such an entry price tag like this, it isn’t going to last as long as some of the others on this list. Still packs a punch stylistically, however.

Sizes: S-XXL  | Material: 100% polyester | Colors Available: 7

Lee Men's Workwear Loose Fit Long Sleeve Button-Down Overshirt

Why it’s great: The amount of style variety you get with just one simple Lee Jeans design is astounding. If this shirt fits well, I recommend investing in a few different styles.  There are shearling-lined, denim, chore, plaid, monochrome, and contrast stitching options available. One of the best overshirts for men? Lee Jeans completed it, mate.

How it feels: The shirts have the added benefit of the 2% spandex. The Spandex brings comfort in the way that it stretches while you move. Apart from the shearling-lined shirt, they all have a similar thickness and are ideal for layering.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Again, if you compare these shirts to a shirt in the $100-$200 price bracket, a difference in quality will be noticeable.

Sizes: S-XXL  | Material: 68% Cotton, 30% Recycled Polyester, 2% Spandex | Colors Available: 12

man wearing denim shirt and jeansleejeanseurope / Instagram

Buying Considerations for The Best Overshirts For Men


The material can be a natural fabric (cotton, wool, denim, corduroy, moleskin, or leather), synthetic (polyester or Spandex), or a blend. Generally, an overshirt has a thicker fabric than a regular shirt, but thinner than a jacket, so it will be midweight or thick. Durability, softness and insulation are three key components of your fabric choice.


The style generally will mimic a regular casual shirt but will perhaps be lined with shearling, or come in a heavier gauge fabric and be slightly oversized to enhance its layering ability. Corduroy is a popular overshirt fabric, as is chore, denim, and wool.


With this I mean, how does the overshirt sit in the context of all of your other clothes? If you have a dope hoodie you want to wear over it, what color is the hoodie? How does that interact with the overshirt? Is it a bulky hoodie and therefore you might want to go up a size for your overshirt? What trousers and shoes combination are you wearing? Layering is about building up an outfit with care, consideration, and comfort.

man wearing a brown pure cotton overshirt by closedclosedofficial / Instagram

Why you should trust us

I’ve been modeling for over a decade and writing for top fashion publications for over five years. I’ve witnessed the Scandi-overshirt movement blossom into a pan-Western trend. I’ve also had to suffer the black ripped jeans, Alexander McQueen trousers, white t-shirt, necklace, and shearling-lined black overshirt look that spawned off that.

Thankfully, that look has largely been exorcized from the styling vernacular. Throughout those painful years, I’ve felt the quality of the fabric with my fingers on set, witnessed firsthand top stylists styling the best overshirts for men, and done my own wading through the internet to find the best. This is the result.

Final Verdict 

My overall pick is the All Saints Checked Overshirt. It has been crowned the top spot for a few reasons. The recycled fabric mitigates some environmental damage in its construction. The brushed finish, I can attest to being a wonderful, cozy exterior to have on the outside of your shirt. It has a wonderful billowy shape, the cuffs easily roll up and the garment feels like it’s really well made. I can wholeheartedly recommend this as the best overshirt for men.


    • I understand the angle of this question. Men’s overshirts hit their zenith in the 10s when Scandi-minimalism, understated chic was the height of fashion. Think Common Projects, black jeans, a flat white in one hand, and a burgeoning SEO start-up in the other. However, this line of questioning suggests it might be outdated. This neglects the overshirt’s practical prowess as for all things layering, all year long. My most up-to-date advice is to bring the overshirt into your summer dressing as a nonchalant throw over on chilly nights.

      • Oh, how naïve. There is not one material to rule them all. However, I would tend towards natural products due to the lower chemical exposure, biodegradability, and ability to be recycled with ease. So, let’s consider thick brushed cotton or light wool to be the finest examples of men’s overshirt material. Wool is flame retardant and temperature regulating. Cotton is generally machine washable and therefore practical.

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