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Searching for the best gag gifts for women is like diving into a world filled with laughter and fun surprises. It’s a way to step away from the usual and discover items that bring joy in the most unexpected ways. Whether it’s a casual get-together or a big celebration, a touch of humor can make it all the more memorable.

Funny gag gifts for women have a special way of turning ordinary moments into laughter-filled memories. As you go through our curated list, you’ll find not just gifts but little bundles of joy that promise a good laugh and a great time.

Keep reading to discover everything we deem worthy as the best gag gifts for women.

putting on a wine condomnathalievino / Instagram

NEWKITCHEN Wine Stoppers

Protect her favorite bottle of wine with a wine condom that’s a hilarious conversation starter. At first glance, she may think she’s getting lucky, but she’s actually getting drunk. Fantastic for holidays, bachelorettes, or other celebratory occasions.

KGBNCIE Funny Gifts Bracelets

Gift a subtle, cheeky accessory with a dirty Morse code bracelet. No one has to really know what it says, making it a hilarious inside joke and a silent F. U.

Banned Goods OG High Top Sneaker Slippers

These plush slippers combine the coziness of house shoes with the street cred of sneakers, making them one of the best gag gifts for women who appreciate a laugh, want a little luxury, and value comfort.

Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flask 5 Fake Tampons

Help her sneak her favorite beverages into events with tampon flasks that are as discreet as they are hilarious. This ingenious invention is award-worthy and a unique gag gift that she’ll actually use well.

Ekouaer Bikini Print Cover-Up Baggy T Shirt Dress

Celebrate body positivity with a silly twist through a beach body t-shirt that’s as amusing as it is empowering. Great for retirements, gifts for older people and snowbirds alike.

Rainbow Socks Sushi Socks Box

One of the best gag gifts for women who adore sushi. She thinks she’s getting takeout, but she’s really getting a set of hilarious socks. They even come with wasabi and little soy sauce bottles for the whole nine yards, great for a small birthday gift.

Gears Out Hooter Heaters

Keep her laughing and cozy with hooter heaters that add a comedic touch to staying toasty throughout the coldest months of the year. This is among the best gag gifts for women, especially as a stocking stuffer.

FunFamz The Original Spider Prank Box

Unleash a bundle of laughs with a spider prank box that’s perfect for a playful scare, making it one of the funny gag gifts for women who enjoy a good prank. I used to see these all around Morocco, and they always gave me a jump. This makes a great surprise Christmas gift, especially if it’s the first one open.

COZYMATE Undies for Two People

Double the fun with two-person underwear. If she’s always looking for a way to get closer to her significant other, this hilarious gag gift ensures they’ll be inseparable.

That's What She Said Game

Elevate her social gatherings with this cheeky party game that’s bound to bring out belly laughs and memorable moments. A little bit dirty and a whole lot of silly, it’s an upgrade from Cards Against Humanity for bachelorette parties or nights in with the friend group.

Best of the Rest

Genuine Fred Ramen Noddle Sticky Note Pad

Spice up her reminder game with quirky sticky notes that turn mundane tasks into a source of laughter. They are indeed funny gag gifts for women with a sense of humor.

mermaker Burritos Tortilla Throw Blanket

Wrap her up in a tortilla of warmth with a burrito blanket, perfect for cozy evenings with a side of humor. It’s an especially great present if she’s a fan of Chipotle or Taco Tuesdays.


Turn her shower time into a happy hour with a wine glass holder that keeps her favorite vino within arm’s reach. Whether she’s sipping a glass or taking slugs from the bottle, this handy caddy will keep her wine upright and close at hand.

Octamber Chicken Nugget Keychain

For the chicken nugget enthusiast, this keychain is a worthy token of her nugget devotion. Now she won’t have to go through the drive through for her favorite comfort food… it can hang securely on her keys to remind her of juicy golden deliciousness.

Genuine Fred E.M.T. Insulated Lunch Tote

Present a gut-bustingly funny way to carry her lunch with a human organ lunch box that’s a humorous nod to the macabre. As one of the best gag gifts for nurses, doctors, or women in the medical field, it’ll have her coworkers doubled over and her patients looking over their shoulders.

Fake Parking Ticket

Gift a stack of laughter with fake parking tickets that are a prankster’s dream come true. Great for the girl with road rage, she’ll be able to let everyone on the road know just how idiotic they are… for better or for worse.

ICUP DC Wonder Woman Apron

Protect her clothes from splatters while adding a dose of humor to her cooking routine. This comical (literally) apron is one of the top funny gag gifts for women who love to cook with a side of laughter.

Funny Guy Mugs Might Be Tequila Ceramic Coffee Mug

Help her start her day with a smile thanks to a novelty mug that brings a dose of humor to her morning brew. It’s a daily reminder to embrace the lighter side of life.

Epielle Animal Spa Masks

Add a wild twist to her self care routine with animal-themed face masks. They are a hilarious way to get in some skincare and a stand out among the best gag gifts for women.

Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar

Let her mark the days with a crude calendar that sprinkles irreverence throughout the year. It’s a playful reminder not to take life too seriously.

NACOCO Cowboy Rider Dog Costume for Dogs

Let her transform her furry friend into a party animal with hilarious pet costumes. It’s a gift that brings joy to both the owner and the pet, creating picture-puuurfect moments.

Homsolver My Last Nerve Candle

Light up her space with a funny candle that illuminates and evokes laughter with its humorous message. Plus, it smells great, making it somewhat of a practical gag gift.

Mancheng-zi cat Throw Pillows

Blend comfort with comedy through a novelty throw pillow that’s ideal for snuggles and chuckles. It’s a cozy and humorous addition to her living space, especially if she’s a fan of classic art (or cats).

Coddies Fish Flip Flops

Step into the world of humor with fish flip flops that will have her grinning with every step she takes. They’re definitely one of the funniest gag gifts for women and will get plenty of wear from the house to the seaside and beyond.

A Sticker Shop Funny Meme Vinyl Stickers Pack

Offer her a pack of ridiculous stickers that can add a dose of humor to her belongings, creating laughter wherever she goes. This set covers all the best memes, allowing her to have a crying Kim K on her laptop and giggle-worthy Mr. Bean on her water bottle.

Centervs Kitchen Utensils Set In Human-Shape

Invite humor into her kitchen with character cooking utensils. They not only assist in culinary endeavors but also double as comical kitchen companions, making cooking a theatrical adventure.

Novelty888 Screaming Goat Button

Transform her office into a playground of silliness with desk toys to provide a much-needed break from the daily grind. This is among the best gag gifts for women with a playful spirit, and the screaming goat will entertain her and her coworkers all day, giving a hefty dose of comedic relief.

Visibly Toxic Boozy Brunch Club Hat

Offer a crown of silliness with a quirky hat that’ll make her the life of the party. Whether it’s a casual hangout or a themed party, this hat is a ticket to a realm of laughter and memorable selfies.

Daverose Oversized Wearable Blanket Hoodie

This wearable blanket is the epitome of comfort paired with a humourous design that’s bound to become her go-to loungewear. It doesn’t get any better than this, so if she’s always complaining about how she’s cold, this gag gift will hit just right.

Forum Novelties Grow a Boyfriend

For the gal who has everything, gift a growable boyfriend for a hearty laugh. It’s a humorous take on finding the perfect man and a standout among funny gag gifts for women.

JOFAMY Cute Body Shaped Planter

Embrace the quirky with a booty planter that provides a humorous home for her succulents or other small plants. She won’t be able to help but laugh every time she sees it, denoting it as one of the best gag gifts for women, especially if she’s the practical type.

Gigantic Wine Glass

For the lady who appreciates a big laugh and a glass of wine, this gigantic glass is a humorous ode to her love for the good stuff. It fits an entire bottle, ensuring she’ll never go thirsty. Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere.

Funny Work Journal

Make her workday a bit lighter with a funny work journal that adds a dose of humor to the daily to-dos. This is one of the best gag gifts for women with a job that could use a bit of a pick me up.

Gears Out Dill Dough Stress Reliever Putty

A peculiar gift for the quirky lady, pickle putty is a funny nod to her love for pickles. It’s designed to offer stress relief in an entertaining way… it’s even pickle scented for her daily dose of dilliness.

ZICOTO Super Funny Notepads

Brighten her note-taking with laughable notepads that turn mundane reminders into a source of amusement. They’re a functional gift with a humorous twist and will bring some fun into recording meeting notes.

Funwares Porta Potty Shot Glasses

Raise a toast to humor with porta potty shot glasses that are as hilarious as they are unique. Great as a white elephant gift or a stocking stuffer, these novelty shot glasses are nothing short of ridiculous.

ChopSabers Lightsaber Chopsticks Light Up

Let her dine in intergalactic style with lightsaber chopsticks that add a fun twist to every meal. An especially useful gift for takeout lovers, these chopsticks light up and make mealtime a whole lot more entertaining.

Be Good Executive Mini-Sandbox

Bring a tiny beach escape to her desk with a tabletop sandbox, a playful retreat from the daily hustle. This gag gift will remind her of sunnier days while trapped in a cubicle.

Be Good Executive Mini-Sandbox

Prepare her for life’s call of nature with a public toilet survival kit that tackles hygiene with humor. Great as a stocking stuffer or just because it ensures she’ll always have a clean environment to do her business, espeically handy if she’s a germ freak.

Sanidika Time Lock Box

For those moments of weak willpower, gift a timed lock box that adds a comedic touch to self-control. Whether she has a scrolling or junk food addiction, this box can keep it contained with a laugh.

OTOTO Red the Crab Silicone Utensil Rest

A crustacean companion for her kitchen, the crab spoon rest holds her spoon and stirs up smiles with its quirky design.

What to Consider When Buying Gag Gifts for Women


First and foremost, what’s the shindig? Is it a birthday bash, bachelorette fiesta, or a just-because giggle-fest? The occasion sets the stage for the kind of humor your gift should pack. A bachelorette party might call for something cheeky, while a retirement celebration could lean towards the whimsically nostalgic. Tailoring your gag gift to the occasion ensures you hit the funny bone just right.

Sense of Humor

Is she into witty banter, slapstick silliness, or maybe a bit of naughty humor? Understanding her humor style is your ticket to gag gift glory. Get a gift that tickles her funny feathers, and you’ll have the room roaring with laughter.


Who says silly can’t be sensible? A gag gift with a dash of practicality is like having your cake and eating it, too. Go for something that not only incites a burst of laughter but also comes in handy in her daily life. Be it a comical apron that catches food splatters or a quirky mug that holds her morning brew, a useful gag gift is the gift that keeps on giving in more ways than one.

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    • A gag gift is a type of present that aims to get a laugh. It’s often quirky, unexpected, and designed to entertain or amuse the person receiving it and those around them.

      • A gag gift usually sparks laughter because it’s surprising, unusual, or pokes fun at everyday situations in a light-hearted way. The humor often comes from the gift’s playful design or clever twist on a common item. For instance, a mug shaped like a toilet bowl or a calendar filled with quirky quotes can bring about a hearty chuckle due to their playful take on ordinary objects or daily musings.


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