YouTube Music Unveils 3 Big Podcast Upgrades – Jarastyle Teen’s

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YouTube Music is actively incorporating user feedback to enhance its podcast experience, a team member revealed in a recent Reddit post.

YouTube Music Unveils 3 Big Podcast Upgrades - Jarastyle Teen'sYouTube Music Unveils 3 Big Podcast Upgrades - Jarastyle Teen's

The moves come as YouTube Music continues migrating podcast content following the shutdown of Google Podcasts earlier this year. Emma, who works on the YouTube Music podcasts team, outlined three recent enhancements in the Reddit thread: 

  • Listeners can now sort a podcast’s episodes by newest, oldest, most popular, or the default creator-set order, giving them more control over how they consume episode feeds.
  • YouTube Music has expanded the visibility of podcasts on the home screen to listeners outside the U.S. who have subscribed to podcasts in their library. These users will now see a “Recommended shows” shelf alongside available podcasts on the app’s home screen.
  • Search results for podcasts have also been improved, making it easier for listeners to discover shows they’re interested in across the YouTube platform.

“This is only the beginning, and the Podcasts team is working on many more improvements!” Emma stated on Reddit.

The enhancements arrived as YouTube Music absorbed users from the now-defunct Google Podcasts platform. YouTube Music officially launched podcast support in April 2022, letting U.S. users listen to shows within the music streaming app for the first time.

Subsequent updates rolled out the podcast in more countries and allowed creators to upload audio-only RSS feeds automatically to the platform.


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