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February is sometimes called the month of love and friendship, as Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February. People exchange cards, flowers and gifts as expressions of love for their close friends and loved ones. Today, it has become a global celebration to show our appreciation and affection towards those who truly matter in our lives. However, we can expand the circle of our friends, and take the celebrations to limitless possibilities that may make them meaningful and memorable.

You may extend this celebration by connecting with people who have no friends or those who are less fortunate and unable to celebrate such events. You have many possibilities to make this day special for them as well as for yourself. Creating personalized gifts for them will make them feel special. You can plan events like indoor games, outings or a movie, allowing your limitless minds to generate greater ideas to make this day unforgettable for them. You can do this because you are endowed with limitless possibilities to do things that will bring greater fulfillment and happiness into one’s lives. What hinders us from taking such courageous steps is the fear of venturing into the unknown.

Consider the story of an eaglet raised among ordinary chickens. As it grew, it observed the vast, limitless sky and marvelled at birds, particularly eagles, flying freely. Despite being made to believe its life was confined to the chicken farm, limited to eating worms and grains, one day it could not resist the temptation. It stretched out its large wings, attempting to fly with the conviction, “I can do it.” Soon, it found itself soaring and floating in the vast, boundless blue sky. The American author Napoleon Hill has often emphasized, “What your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”

As February advances, you will start thinking of your final exams in school academics. Perhaps due to your past experiences, you are led to believe certain false notions like, you are unable to score high marks, cannot remember well, speak confidently in public or write an article for a magazine. These limiting thoughts and convictions may have restricted your possibilities. As the exams draw near, you need to embrace the belief in your limitless power. Maybe you can do it by repeating to yourself, “Yes, I can do it; yes, I can achieve my goals and score high marks.” With these beliefs and convictions, put forth your best efforts to attain success.

In this issue of The Teenager Today, we have featured stories of people like the Tree Girl, the Ocean Saviour, the Red Light Girl Saviour, and the Chandrayaan Man, to inspire you to adopt a mindset of limitless possibilities.

Vincent Carmel is the Chief Editor of The Teenager Today. He brings with him years of experience in working with young people. He was actively involved with the Indore-based Universal Solidarity Movement (USM) for over three years. A great lover of the North East, he was the Director of the North East Social Communications (NESCOM), organising motivational programmes for the youth of the region.

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