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It is widely agreed upon and proven successful in the content creation world to stick to a single niche and build authority upon it; however, today’s interview with Moyo Ajibade, who many may know as YourBoyMoyo challenges this belief. 

Follow along for an insightful interview and fresh take on content creation with the UK TikTok sensation to learn about what it’s like to be a “Jack-of-all-trades” in the influencer space. 

Who is Moyo off-camera?

YourBoyMoyo: You Don’t Need A Niche To SucceedYourBoyMoyo: You Don’t Need A Niche To Succeed

“I’m the same person whether the camera’s rolling or not, and there are very few things I haven’t yet shared on social media.” 

“Aside from what everyone recognizes me for, I’m very passionate about football and was a professional dancer growing up, and while I’ve set that aside for now, I might need to bring it back.” 

YourBoyMoyo adds, “You never know what’s next with me. I have many hobbies and interests, and I enjoy discovering what else I’m good at in life.”

What Type Of Content Best Describes You? 

While delving into different niches and catering to diverse interests, Moyo considers comedy as his primary focus, viewing other endeavors as personal interests he shares with his community.

YourBoyMoyo tells us, “I’m really into anything. My first social media handle was ‘No Limits Media’ because I didn’t want to be restricted to just one thing.”

Moyo adds that his diverse portfolio of content is a byproduct of his curiosity and outgoingness to live life to its fullest, more than a social media tactic to expand audiences. 

What Inspired You To Start Creating Content? 

YourBoyMoyo explains, “Initially, it was about entertaining friends and family while documenting moments for personal reflection. So, in essence, my early content creation was like a personal diary.”

“My goal was to explore all forms of entertainment, and I’ve been creating content since 2010 without a specific aim to monetize it or gain fame from it.”

Aside from his passion for being a well-rounded entertainer by all means of the word, Moyo also tells us that he has spent endless hours learning from other creators like KSI, Logan Paul, and more. 

The Rise To The Top

YourBoyMoyo: You Don’t Need A Niche To Succeed

YourBoyMoyo: You Don’t Need A Niche To Succeed

“It wasn’t until 2014 that I saw the potential of making a living from social media.”

“I started on YouTube but wasn’t consistent. Looking back at the content, I can confidently say it was of good quality; I just wasn’t fully committed.”

“The real turning point was in 2020 when I finally embraced TikTok during the pandemic after hesitating for so long.”

Realizing TikTok’s Potential

“During the pandemic’s ample free time, I downloaded TikTok and quickly saw its appeal. Five minutes quickly turned into three hours, prompting me to acknowledge that it’s not just a kids’ app, and I decided to give it a try.”

“Unlike YouTube, I was consistent on TikTok from the start. I posted at least 3 to 5 times a day for about eight months before seeing results.”

Moyo also mentions that his decision to profit from content creation was influenced by his mother.

“I recognized the potential, and after graduation, my mom gave me three months to make a decent living doing what I love most. If I couldn’t turn my passion into profit, I’d have to return to university. Within a month, I made enough to prove to her that I could pursue this full-time.”

What Does the Creative Process Look Like for You?

After showing us the never-ending list of content ideas he has on his phone, Moyo tells us,  “A single sentence to remind me of the overall idea is all I need. There isn’t really a complex set of processes I go through.”

“There’s no scripting or staging; if something interesting happens spontaneously, I jot it down and elaborate upon it when the right time comes.” 

What Influences the Plot of Your Next Video?

“Relatability,” he promptly responds. “I believe relatable content performs best, and a good example of that is when I leverage mundane topics like weather and politics to help me connect with my audience.”

Moyo adds that travel content is the only format not inspired by relatable matters telling us, “The only planned part is booking the ticket; the rest is all spontaneous.”

When Did You Realize You Made It?

YourBoyMoyo: You Don’t Need A Niche To SucceedYourBoyMoyo: You Don’t Need A Niche To Succeed

“I often struggle to embrace the moment and find it difficult to celebrate career milestones. For me, it’s always about what’s next, how can I improve?”

“However, there have been instances where mind-blowing things happened that I never saw coming.”

Working With Household Name Brands

“Becoming an ambassador for some of my favorite brands was probably some of the most memorable and heartfelt moments of my career.”

He says, “Being approached by brands like Samsung, JBL, and Sky TV and having them recognize the potential was a huge confidence boost and changed a lot in my life.”

“While I enjoy receiving products and gifts from smaller local brands and supporting their growth, working with major brands showed me the possibilities and the level of influence I have.”

Supporting Loved Ones

“Beyond deals and financial achievements, what means most to me is being someone people can rely on. Supporting my family is everything to me and makes every moment of hard work worth it.”

Can Anyone Pursue All Niches and Succeed?

“I don’t believe any content creator can excel at everything, but it’s worth trying. Just like I may not be the best at stand-up comedy, I’m willing to give it a shot. Don’t limit yourself to your beliefs, especially when others can see potential.”

Moyo explains, “It depends on the niche you’re trying to venture into; travel and comedy, for example, require more of a natural talent, while almost anyone can do GRWM and storytime videos.”

Even though Moyo managed to master the broadest range of content formats and make the most out of all his interests, he attributes the ease of the process to having a supportive fan base.

Moyo tells us, “At this point in my career, I think that I can pull off any format of content not because I’m good at it all, but because the community I’ve built has my back.”

Realizing the support he receives from his loyal fans, Moyo also makes it clear that he does not want to rely on follower love to explore new interests.

He adds, “I don’t want to put out just any content even though I know people will still interact. I think of it more as a reflection of my determination and skill, so I’d rather post less than make mediocre videos that don’t measure up to my standards.”

What’s Next for YourBoyMoyo?

Maintaining Status and Relevance

“By observing other influencers, I’ve learned that those who make it big typically have a window of maximum relevance of two years. If they surpass that timeframe, they’ve passed the danger zone and are more likely to remain relevant. 

He explains, “At this stage, I’ve passed that two-year mark, and I aim to explore new formats and niches with minimal reliance on my existing fanbase.”

Conquering YouTube

Concluding his discussion, Moyo revisits his previous remarks regarding inconsistency on YouTube. Moving forward, one of his primary objectives is to realize his full potential on the platform in the upcoming months, employing strategies akin to those successfully utilized on other platforms.


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