Why carpentry is great for global remote working Jarastyle travel

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Why carpentry is great for global remote working Jarastyle travel

Since the turn of the decade, there has been a trend for remote working. Digital connection means that many companies can function without physical office space, instead uniting their workforce online. Rising numbers turned to freelance jobs as well, keen to seize the opportunity to live abroad.

However, in 2023 there was a 20% drop in advertised remote working positions in the UK as companies returned to traditional or hybrid models. It seems that, despite enthusiasm from employees, not all jobs can be taken on the road.

If you want to stay on the travelling train and love working with your hands, consider carpentry. This transferrable skill is universally useful and has the potential to be a solid money-earner in any country. Discover what makes carpentry such a great option for global remote working.

Universal need

The primary reason that carpentry works on an international scale is that there’s a universal need for woodworking. It’s beneficial to homeowners and businesses, from creating the roof and window frames for buildings to providing the interior furnishings.

This means that there’s a strong likelihood that you’d be able to find work quickly when you set up as a carpenter abroad. Additionally, consistent demand means that you’re sure to build up a strong customer base without too much effort, even if there’s competition in your area.

If you’re planning to cater to international customers, make sure you follow the procedure for exporting and doing business abroad and consider seeking professional financial advice for your accounts and tax requirements.


Carpentry also offers much versatility in terms of how you work. You could go it alone and start your own business, either running a shop or contracting your services to construction companies. Alternatively, you could look for a permanent position with an established business that would benefit from your skills.

Most furniture and frames are mainly made using wood, no matter which country you come from. With your knowledge as a foundation, you can shape your designs to suit the qualities of the endemic trees you’re working with whether it’s light and flexible bamboo or rich and resolute mahogany.

Easy set-up

Finally, a carpentry business is relatively easy to set up. Little to no machinery is needed, other than a comprehensive set of carpentry tools that are largely portable or easy to source overseas. This means that it’s fairly simple to transform any building or room into a suitable freelance workspace.

Furthermore, as a manual labour job, chances are that you won’t need any additional in-country qualifications to operate as a carpenter – although you’ll need to organise your work documentation.

 Having said that, if you are going to be constructing integral elements of buildings you’ll need to be au fait with local building regulations to ensure that your frames fit safety standards.


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