What I Brought Home From Ulta Recently – Jarastyle

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What I Brought Home From Ulta Recently - Jarastyle

Happy Friday, my friend! TGIF. 🙂

So, this seems to happen a lot — I get the urge to either cut or dye my hair, and instead of doing either, I go to Ulta and I buy a bunch of hair products. LOL! Don’t ask me why, but it seems to scratch the itch.

The Elnett hairspray is an old standard that I like to pick up from time to time, and so is the Pureology Color Fanatic spray leave-in conditioner. New to me things are the Living Proof Triple Bond Complex and the L’Oreal Ever Pure Bond Strengthening Concentrate, which were both purchases inspired by spending way too much time on Abbey Yung’s Instagram.

As usual Rosie had to get up in the mix!

What I Brought Home From Ulta Recently - Jarastyle

I also finally got around to picking up two of the MACximal lipsticks. Of course I had to grab a tube of my go-to Velvet Teddy. I also grabbed a warm pink called Sweet Deal. I haven’t worn them out in the world yet because no joke, I spend a grand total of less than five minutes putting on makeup every day, and I usually default to a Laneige Lip Glowy Balm because it’s easy. But I want to do it soon!

What I Brought Home From Ulta Recently - Jarastyle

What do you have going on today? I’ve got work until about 4, and then I’m taking Connor to a dance performance in town. Then I’m going to outsource dinner (aka get takeout) because the last thing I want to do on Friday evening is stand in front of the stove.

Have a great Friday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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