Video Creators Just Gained Access To New Audiences – Jarastyle Teen’s

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Blubrry has launched Vid2Pod, a feature that allows YouTube creators to turn any of their playlists into a podcast feed with no overhead. Video creators can now tap into new audiences by automatically converting their video playlists into audio podcasts, the company announced. 

Video Creators Just Gained Access To New Audiences - Jarastyle Teen'sVideo Creators Just Gained Access To New Audiences - Jarastyle Teen's

Users need to create a Blubrry podcast hosting account and link their YouTube playlist. Blubrry then imports and converts the videos to high-quality audio files, pulling in episode titles and metadata to include chapter markers. Whenever a new video is uploaded to the linked playlist, Blubrry automatically publishes a new podcast episode that gets distributed to major platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and over a dozen others via RSS feed.

This launch marks an important moment for video-first creators who previously could only reach audiences on YouTube. Distributing content as a podcast allows them to promote across all platforms, reducing reliance on a single video site. According to Blubrry, the open nature of podcasting also eases concerns about having content removed from any one platform.

“The rise of podcasting has been nothing short of meteoric,” the company states, adding that with “millions tuning into their favorite podcasts weekly, the demand for audio content has surged, underscoring the medium’s convenience and accessibility.” 

Blubrry aims to bridge the gap between traditional video mediums and podcasts. “While some YouTube channels are great visual experiences, the content can also be as valuable when listened to versus watched on-demand or without connectivity, such as on an airplane.” 

By distributing their podcasts widely, creators gain the benefits of podcasting’s accessibility and discoverability on popular listening apps. Blubrry provides comprehensive analytics so creators can better understand their audience and refine their strategy.

Rather than creating an entirely new audio workflow, it allows video creators to easily repurpose existing work for new audiences. The Vid2Pod launch aims to break down barriers between content formats, opening up new avenues to reach viewers who prefer audio or have visual impairments. 

“This launch is not merely about introducing a new feature to the digital content realm; it’s about breaking down the barriers between content formats and making content more accessible and inclusive. Whether for those who prefer audio over video or for visually impaired individuals, this service opens up new avenues for content consumption that were previously untapped,” according to the announcement.

As content consumption continuously shifts, diversifying format offerings is key for reaching the widest possible audience. Blubrry’s Vid2Pod eliminates format constraints, giving video creators an easy way to turn existing YouTube playlists into podcasts distributed everywhere audiences listen.


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