Victorian-Era Erotica – Jarastyle

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Victorian-Era Erotica - Jarastyle

Wrists Illustrated

Medicine-Ball Men

Ringlets Weekly


Hats Off Magazine

Shapely Vials & Beakers

Mutton Chop Lads

Barely Regal

Men on Cliffsides

Full-Frontal Waistcoats

Forbidden Cheekbones

Bad Bonnets Weekly

Pin-Up Butlers

Erotic Bows & Curtsies

Bathing Gowns Monthly

Bonnie, Bonnie Foreheads

Naughty Neckerchiefs

Desperate Dowagers

X-Rated Jawlines

Men Without Monocles

Escorts in Ascots

Hardcore Floral Arrangements

Sexy Table & Piano Legs

Ma’am Magazine

Under the Frock, Over the Petticoat

Bathing Gowns Monthly: Flannel Edition



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