troop of Baboons hide from lions under a bridge Jarastyle travel

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troop of Baboons hide from lions under a bridge Jarastyle travel

Baboons, trying to escape the claws of a pride of lions, found themselves hanging from the bottom of the bridge.

Guide at MalaMala Game Reserve Mike Botes captured footage of the unique situation and shared it on

The West Street Bridge in MalaMala offers guides and guests a safe route across the Sand River during the wet season, and wildlife sightings on the bridge ‘are always unique, as they provide different angles for photography.

On a game drive with guests, Botes had been following a pride of lions who started crossing the bridge. A troop of baboons was sunning themselves on the bridge and did not have time to run from the approaching lions. ‘They let out screeches and alarm calls, alerting every mammal and bird [nearby]. The baboons scrambled, and it was havoc. Unfortunately, surrounded and unable to outrun the lions, the baboons had to think on their feet to survive.’

They dashed under the bridge and hung onto the metal bars. Feeling safe, they even began taunting the lions.

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