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The podcast market is seeing significant growth in the religion category, with 15% of all podcasts falling under this segment. Many successful Christian influencers and content creators are capitalizing on this trend by launching popular faith-based podcasts.

Shows like Girls Gone Bible, WHOA That’s Good Podcast, and Legacy Dads explore how to apply biblical teachings to modern life through personal stories and analysis. Podcasters like The Bible Project provide educational resources breaking down scripture and theology.

Beyond just spiritual guidance, these podcasts allow creators to build loyal audiences and potential revenue streams. Strategies include hosting live shows, selling merchandise, collaborating with celebrities, and securing brand sponsorships aligned with their values.

The intimate, trusted relationship podcasters cultivate with listeners opens monetization avenues like premium content offerings, online courses, books and speaking engagements.

As consumer demand rises for purposeful, values-driven content, Christian podcasts represent an expanding niche for creators to engage underserved audiences while achieving personal growth and financial success.

To that end, here are Net Influencer 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. Girls Gone Bible

Hosts Angela Hall and Arielle Reitsma use the Girls Gone Bible podcast to discuss how their walk with God influences their daily lives. Both of these hosts are very well-versed when it comes to scripture and tend to focus on a vast passage in each episode. In turn, each session helps listeners understand how they can apply these ancient teachings to their everyday lives. These hosts are also not afraid to reveal the darker side of their pasts, openly discussing complex topics like sobriety and dating. Outside of the show, these influencers strive to build a strong connection with their devoted collection of followers, hosting live shows and producing merchandise for them to sport wherever they go. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. Pray the Word

Prayer is an immense part of the Christian faith and many of its followers are compelled to take part in this practice as many times as possible throughout the day. But, if you’re keen to implement scripture into your daily prayer routine, Pray the Word is a fantastic resource. Hosted by Nicole Given, this podcast discusses a vast collection of scripture and aims to help listeners gain more insight during their meditations or prayer walks. Given also follows popular trends such as 10 Days of Prayer and Praying God’s Word Over Our Cities. Plus, since every episode is around 15 minutes long, listeners are now able to fit this podcast into their busy schedules. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

Top 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. WHOA That’s Good Podcast

Many celebrities and public figures express their devotion to God and credit Him for their immense success. Sadie Robertson Huff’s WHOA That’s Good Podcast aims to let these guests explore the nuances of their faith and dig deeper into their personal testimonies. Previously, Huff has welcomed prolific figures onto her platform such as Dee Cakanor and Jackie Hill Perry, making her podcast seem a little more affluent than others available on the market. The host is a famous face in her own right, as she is probably known best for her frequent appearances on the hit show Duck Dynasty. She has also written a best-selling book called Live, which offers a selection of moving devotionals that allow her fans to gain more growth in their faith. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. The Bible Project

Bible Project is a renowned resource for any Christian who wishes to learn more about the Word of God. This institution creates an abundance of educational content from animated YouTube videos to stylish coffee table books. The Bible Project podcast follows in similar footsteps, hosting detailed conversations about scripture and theology. This platform does not shy away from hard-hitting topics and encourages them to use God’s word to help them handle difficult decisions such as having sex before marriage or how to form bonds of peace during times of chaos. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

Top 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. Soul Survivors

Though many of us view the Church as a beacon of hope and prosperity, it’s important that we don’t turn a blind eye to its flaws. Soul Survivors is a compelling podcast that discusses the fall of the Soul Survivor church in Watford UK and how its founder, Mike Pilavachi was found at the center of such an intense scandal. The hosts, Megan Cornwell and Kelly Valencia explore this controversy with such empathy and are careful not to take away the spotlight from the victims. They also strive to build a sense of debate throughout the show, giving listeners more insight into the intricacies of this distressing case. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. Rebuilder

Red Church produced the Rebuilder podcast as a way to aid church leaders answer key questions regarding their faith, especially since many of us now live in very secular communities. The host does not dismiss these developments but instead asks how they can use God’s teachings to continue their mission as a religious leader. As such, the podcast delves into a range of common topics such as the influence of politics on our modern world as well as the impact of burnout culture. Alongside this podcast, Red Church also releases frequent sermon audios so that its followers can receive an even deeper interpretation of God’s word. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. Jesus is Better

The stories within the Bible are more than just meaningful tales. They allow us to learn more about Israel’s lineage and track the growth of Christianity across the world. Alicia Yoder uses the Jesus is Better podcast to examine some of the Bible’s most impactful stories and condenses them down so that they are more digestible for children to understand. The host also includes a series of prompts to help parents encourage their children to think more critically about the message at hand. With over 120 episodes on offer, each lasting around 30 minutes, this is an ideal podcast for families looking to reconnect with the Lord, without sacrificing quality time together. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. Legacy Dads

The Bible presents us with a vast selection of admirable male figures, giving men a ton of inspiration when it comes to parenting and fatherhood. The hosts of Legacy Dads, Dave and Dante, use Biblical teachings to help men like them balance the demands of parenting and abiding by their faith. Using scripture such as the book of Proverbs and Psalms, these men analyze each verse with careful detail, ensuring that they can take as much information from the passages as possible. In order to build a stronger connection with their fan base, the hosts have also launched a line of merchandise so that their listeners can support their work in a collection of different ways. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. That Sounds Fun 

Legendary author and public speaker Annie F. Downs has made great strides in the Christian faith for many years now and her podcast That Sounds Fun is a great example of her expertise. Each episode is centered around a specific reading, whether it be from the Bible or the latest release from a fellow Christian author. This unique format allows Downs to collaborate with a ton of her contemporaries including Dr. Joel Muddamalle as well as Amanda Jenkins. This Christian content creator also hosts a podcast aimed at children called Annie’s Mini BFF Podcast, which discusses key stories from the Bible in a manner that’s easy for little minds to comprehend. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

  1. The Gospel Coalition 

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a comprehensive resource for Christians looking to get the most out of their upcoming sermon or conference. This podcast uses a plethora of keynote speeches and presentations from a wide range of churches to help listeners gain a much more encompassing perception of their faith. So, whether you want to uncover more about Christian Nationalism or how to build a healthy church culture, this podcast allows you to gain insight from a wealth of different hosts. This platform also provides a series of inspiring Bible study courses, helping it to become a key institution for spiritual growth. 

Top 10 Most Popular Christian PodcastsTop 10 Most Popular Christian Podcasts

It seems that faith-based content is becoming more and more popular, even as we continue to live in a secular society. These podcasts allow influencers to discuss concepts that matter to them, which also increases their chances of building a supportive and engaged audience. Plus, these interactions can also help these influencers secure an assortment of lucrative brand deals, which is important for securing their financial future. 


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