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In today’s world that is increasingly connected by technology, a nomadic lifestyle has become more attainable and thus interesting to many travel enthusiasts. 

Although it is characterized by constant movement and change, a nomadic lifestyle offers more freedom, flexibility and room for adventure.

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If you are considering adopting a nomadic lifestyle, these few tips may come in handy. 

Plan your finances 

Living life as a nomad is going to require careful financial planning. Draw up a budget and make sure you have enough money saved. You also need to ensure that you have a reliable source of income which will sustain your nomadic lifestyle. 

Sort out your paperwork 

Getting your paperwork in order is an important preparatory step. Research the visa requirements for the countries which you intend to visit, and make sure you have all the necessary travel documents before you jet off.

Embrace connection and community

Nomadic community

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On your nomadic journey, community will be very helpful. Connect with other nomads through online platforms and social media groups. Through this, you can get advice, support and companionship. 

Plan your stays in advance 

While going with the flow may seem attractive, planning your stays in advance is important and beneficial. 

There are various options available including booking a hotel room, renting an apartment, living in a hostel or even house-sitting. Your choice of accommodation will affect your finances and it is thus good to plan in advance.

Balance work and exploration

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Balancing work and exploration as a nomad can be a rather daunting task. However, with careful planning and discipline, you can craft a winning formula. Ensure that you prioritize your work schedule and that you stick to your productivity goals. Do not forget to set time aside to explore your destination and all it has to offer. Equally, it is also important to take breaks and engage in leisure activities as these will help you relax and recharge. 

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