Tips for a Superb Safari Experience Jarastyle travel

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Safaris are a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature as you admire the flora and fauna. They are also an opportunity to immerse yourself into the animal kingdom and to learn more about it.

Tips for a Superb Safari Experience Jarastyle travel

Credit: Mhondoro Overland Safaris

If you’re looking to enjoy a superb safari experience, these tips may come in handy:

Wake up early

Animals are most active in the morning, so waking up early will be most beneficial for your safari experience. If you go around midday, there’s a high chance that you will be spotting very few animals as it is too hot for them to be moving around. Should you miss the chance to wake up at the crack of dawn, an evening game drive is also an option. Plus, you can end it off with some sundowners as you enjoy the beautiful African sunset.

Dress the part

Safari clothes provide utmost comfort and fit perfectly into the ‘bush vibes aesthetic’. For social media lovers, they’re also likely to provide great content for the Instagram feed.

However, those khaki and green clothes serve a bigger purpose. They help you blend in, ensuring that the animals don’t spot any odd colours.

Look out for the birds too

While a safari experience can easily be deemed incomplete without members of the ‘Big Five’ and other beasts of the animal kingdom, don’t forget about the birds.

There are plenty of species and variations of birds. Some have unique and fascinating appearances, while others make interesting sounds. As part of your safari experience, don’t forget to spot and admire them too.

Tips for a Superb Safari Experience Jarastyle travel

Credit: Tintswalo Safari Game Lodge

Remember your binoculars

A good pair of binoculars will enhance your safari experience. Sometimes, spotting animals in the distance and identifying birds may be hard. Binoculars make this easier and will help you see better.

No such thing as ‘too many questions’

A safari offers the opportunity to learn and broaden your knowledge of the animal kingdom.

By asking questions, you get the most out of your safari experience. So, don’t be shy. Ask your guide any questions that may arise. Your curiosity will fuel their passion and will also help to inform and educate your fellow explorers.

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