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TikTok has launched a feed dedicated to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) across Europe, empowering continued discovery and connecting a community over shared interests, the company announced on April 2. 

The social media platform, which attracts over 150 million monthly users, has decided to expand the specialized STEM feed after its success in the United States. Globally, STEM-related content has grown 24% since the U.S. launch, with nearly 15 million such videos published in the last three years.

Starting in the UK and Ireland, users can click on the STEM feed alongside the “For You” feed to access a world of knowledge from respected experts. The feed will include English-language content with auto-translated subtitles, fact-checked by two independent organizations, Common Sense Networks and the Poynter Institute.

Creators and partners sharing STEM subjects, such as science experimenter @big.manny1, physicist @particleclara from CERN, and @NewScientist magazine, will be included in this new feed.

“I use TikTok to share Scientific experiments and theories that would usually be covered in a classroom, in a really visual and relatable way,” science TikToker Emanuel Wallace (@big.manny1) said in the release.  “My videos are engaging with students trying to tackle these subjects at school, but also I am able to share the drama of the Science lab with people who may never have been interested in Science before.”

To encourage young people’s exploration, underage users will have the STEM feed turned on by default but can adjust content settings. Those 18 and older can opt into the STEM feed through in-app settings. Since the U.S. launch, a third of teenagers have visited the STEM feed weekly.

TikTok Gets Behind STEM Content By Unveiling Custom STEM Feeds For Europe   - Jarastyle Teen'sTikTok Gets Behind STEM Content By Unveiling Custom STEM Feeds For Europe   - Jarastyle Teen's

“TikTok has enabled me to reach millions worldwide who are excited to learn about our research at CERN,” creator Clara Nellist (@particleclara) said in the release. Nellist is a particle physicist at CERN, also known as the European Organization for Nuclear Research. “I love being able to directly talk with people, answer questions about the physics, life at CERN and how to get a career in physics, but my highlight has to be when I can show people around our experiment 100m underground during livestreams.”

To ensure high-quality STEM content, TikTok has partnered with Common Sense Networks, assessing appropriateness, and the Poynter Institute, evaluating reliability. Content failing either checkpoint will be ineligible for the feed.

“We’re committed to ensuring a valuable, educational, and entertaining experience for the TikTok audience,” said Eric Berger, Common Sense Networks CEO.

Poynter Institute President Neil Brown added, “We’re pleased to help users find reliable, credible information as the program expands across Europe.”

“We believe discovery is essential to the TikTok experience, and we’re always looking to help our community uncover new and relevant content,” said Marlène Masure, TikTok EMEA General Manager of Operations. “We hope the STEM feed inspires a new generation of engineers, mathematicians, and science enthusiasts!”


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