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Known as an ad-free social membership network counting nearly seven million users, VERO announced on March 11 the launch of VERO100, a trailblazing initiative aimed to empower creators with co-ownership of the platform.

The VERO100 program kicks off by inviting 100 creators to build channel subscriptions on VERO. These creators will receive equity in the company proportional to the revenue generated from subscription fees attributed to each creator’s channel. The unique program is set to bring VERO closer to achieving its long-term goal of becoming a community co-owned social network.

This Social Media Network Is Inviting 100 Creators To Become Co-Owners

“Creators are the lifeblood of social platforms. However, today, the likes of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube reap the majority of the benefits, and have become compromised environments for creativity and connection,” said VERO Co-Founder and CEO, Ayman Hariri. 

He emphasized the creator-focused approach his platform is aiming for to remold the traditional ownership structure. “VERO100 represents a paradigm shift in social media ownership. By inviting creators to become co-owners in the platform, we’re empowering them financially, and truly enabling them to shape the platform’s culture and future.”

This Social Media Network Is Inviting 100 Creators To Become Co-Owners - Jarastyle Teen'sThis Social Media Network Is Inviting 100 Creators To Become Co-Owners - Jarastyle Teen's

Unlike conventional ad-driven social networks that use vague algorithms, VERO offers an ad-free environment geared towards creativity. VERO does not rely on addictive advertising models that ruin user experience and creator interests. 

Instead, it provides tools for creators to build sustainable operations by connecting directly with their audiences through subscriptions in an ad-free space. Creators can thus monetize their business while maintaining full control over the distribution of their content.

Through the fresh initiative, online personas can become direct co-owners and will have the opportunity to contribute to the platform’s future success. Creators will be able to reach 100% of their followers and focus on making the content they want without adhering to a certain algorithm.

“VERO100 Creators will have significant benefits, including opportunities for generating subscription revenue, receiving ownership shares in the platform, getting early access to product builds, and having the opportunity to influence the platform’s new features and tools,” Hariri pointed out.

To celebrate the VERO100 launch, the company hosted an event during the “South by Southwest” conference in Austin, Texas last week. Attendees met the team and connected with creators, connectors, musicians, and artists. The event showcased the VERO100 initiative and highlighted the network’s mission of building a better social future cooperatively.

The VERO100 program aims to cement VERO’s position as a creator-centric platform pioneering new models of social ownership. By granting equity to top creators driving its subscription business, VERO plans to award incentives and grant creators an ownership stake befitting their crucial role.

Co-founded by Ayman Hariri in 2015, VERO is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The platform has redefined social networking by optimizing for authentic connection over algorithmic addiction.


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