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A Nutrition Plan Made For Women, By a Woman (Expert)

Women often think about food in the context of weight goals, but the connection between what we eat and how we feel is much more significant. Sleep quality, mood, focus, and energy levels are just as important to women’s health as exercise. And all of these things are impacted by nutrition.

In honor of Women’s Health Month, we partnered with MyFitnessPal’s Lead Nutrition Scientist and Registered Dietitian Stephanie Nelson to create a FREE 7-day Eating for Impact Plan. It’s designed to help women fuel their best—so they can feel their best.

The plan is full of recipes and expert-backed tips on building a stronger connection with your body and improving well-being with small nutritional changes. Make nutrition your superpower this month with the free Eating for Impact Plan!

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Why the Eating For Impact Plan Works

1. It takes the guesswork out of good nutrition

According to our global user survey, over 70% of women worry they aren’t getting enough nutrients in their diet and consume too much sugar. Eating for Impact offers a day-by-day approach to incorporating more mood, sleep, focus, and energy-boosting foods into your diet, to help you hit your nutrient goals and notice the effects those foods have on your mental and physical health.

2. It’s loaded with mindful meal inspiration

75% of the women in our survey occasionally sacrifice healthy meals for convenience — which is totally understandable considering everything else on their plate. Balancing work, home, social, and family life is a lot. Planning a week’s worth of well-balanced meals? Also a lot. The Eating for Impact recipe collection simplifies things for you.

3. It focuses on the big picture, not just calories

Our survey found that 70% of women aren’t counting calories — and that’s OK! Eating for Impact is as much about insights as it is tracking. It’s designed to help you notice how your body responds to what you’re eating: which foods make you foggy or focused, energized or tired, full or hungry in half-an-hour? The plan will help you track how you’re feeling, in addition to what you’re eating.


We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best. Eating for Impact is designed for women, but the advice is helpful to all.

If you want actionable ways to impact your overall health with small nutritional changes, this plan has you covered. Try it for yourself, or pass it along to empower all the wonderful women in your life. All are welcome!


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