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Kenton-on-Sea is a destination dressed in unbelievable beauty. It boasts rolling green hills, pristine beaches and lovely coastal nature reserves.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the small and picturesque coastal town is a treasure trove for many travel enthusiasts.

Kenton on Sea

Picture: Unsplash/ Kelley Jean Main

Here are a few things to do in Kenton-on-Sea:

Go mountain biking

Kenton-on-Sea offers exceptional mountain biking trails. Hopping onto a mountain bike, you can tackle the endless dirt roads. Plus, the experience comes with charming views of open grasslands, beaches, lush forests and dune fields.

Have a relaxed beach day

Kenton-on-Sea is home to some of South Africa’s best beaches. For a day packed with beach bliss, you can choose between a number of them. These include the award-winning Shelly Bay, the unique Kenton Beach and Middle Beach.

Be prepared for smiles and seaside fun on the warm grainy sand. There’s also the chance for a splash in the inviting waters. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

A river cruise and some water sports

River Cruise Kenton on Sea

Picture: Sourced / Green Adventures, Kenton on Sea

When at Kenton-on-Sea, two tidal rivers are on your doorstep. This means the opportunity for river cruises and plenty of water sports.

The Boesmans River is a popular destination for water enthusiasts. It is also ideal for enjoying scenic boat cruises. Running on the eastern side of Kenton-on-Sea is the Kariega River, which cuts through two game reserves. The river is great for a number of activities including stand-up paddling, fishing and water skiing.

Serenity on horseback

Beach horse riding

Picture: Joel Severino

The small yet scenic coastal destination offers the opportunity to ride along unspoilt beaches on horseback. As you cross rivers and gallop alongside Africa’s wildlife, you will enjoy the serenity that comes with the sight of dune fields, coves and rivers along the way.

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