The Mob Wife Aesthetic Is Out, The Fishwife Era Is In | by Natalia Kaye | Feb, 2024 – Jarastyle

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While the Mob Wife is teetering on her stilettos, the Fishwife is firmly grounded with arch support in her worn-down wellies.

Natalia KayeThe Belladonna Comedy

Photo by Alice Gu on Pexels

“Typically, TikTok’s “aesthetic” trends go something like this: Identify a long-established style (wealthy older women wearing cardigans, for example) and give it a catchy new label (Coastal Grandmothers!).” (NYT, 01/28/2024)

None of these TikTok eras of the past 18 months: cottagecore, VSCO girl, Bridgerton-core, coastal grandmother, Y2K, dark academic, Barbiecore, quiet luxury, and not even the boldness of the Mob Wife, compare to the Fishwife era. The Mob Wife aesthetic came close with its stand on business vibe and glamor, but it only lasts as long as you can hide the source of those ill-gotten gains. Let’s be honest, just because the house, the cars, and the collection of Llardo figurines are in your name, the IRS is coming for it. You know who the IRS doesn’t give one flying tuna about? The Fishwife. Because the Fishwife is the business. And she’s a legitimate business all on her merit. And who would ever question someone’s integrity when they’re wearing a navy flannel quilted skirt in July?

Look at that silk lowcut caraco bodice, you know the Fishwife takes no shit. You want that salmon at $24 a pound? Too bad, it’s $36 a pound. The Fishwife doesn’t have time for your haggling, her wares are highly perishable and fucking delicious. It’s wild-caught. By her husband. And maybe her dumb brother when he’s not trying to patent his inflatable dartboard because “people want to play darts while they’re swimming”. And the Fishwife gets a 25% cut of everything she sells by the seashore after operating costs. Why? Because she’s the damn boss and knows how to diversify her portfolio of pescatarian offerings.

Toss out the faux furs, the cheetah print, leopard print — hell, all of the animal print needs to go. The Fishwife look is more than a fashion statement. It’s bigger than exuding confidence through your clothes. The Fishwife era is all real fearlessness, curated through building a steady and reputable income. A Fishwife’s chutzpah and her ankle-length wool petticoat is the only steadfast defense in a world where 401(k)s might as well be monopoly money.


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