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Influencer marketing platform ‘following’ is launching in the United Arab Emirates. The data-driven company aims to facilitate direct collaborations between brands and influencers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. The first 50 startups and small businesses in Dubai that sign up will receive a three-month free trial, Gulf News reports.

The Influencer Platform Making Marketing Effortless - Jarastyle Teen'sThe Influencer Platform Making Marketing Effortless - Jarastyle Teen's

Tapping into one of the world’s most dynamic commercial hubs, ‘following’ combines campaign management tools with a mobile app designed specifically for content creators. The platform provides real-time participation and seamless integration of influencer content tailored to audience demographics. The app allows creators to sign up, manage profiles, and instantly join campaigns from anywhere.

“Recognizing the pivotal role startups and small businesses play in driving economic growth and innovation, we are excited to support them through our platform,” said co-founders Zain Ali Khan and Hajar El Youssefi, Gulf News reports. “Our UAE launch marks our commitment to enhancing the digital marketing landscape.”

Key platform features include direct campaign and billing management without agencies, access to pre-verified influencers vetted for authenticity, real-time campaign adjustments, and in-depth analytics on performance and ROI.

The three-month free trial provides full access with no commitments. Businesses can opt out during the trial or continue using the platform at competitive rates afterward.


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