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Get ready for your happily-ever-Taft-er!

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For the past two decades, the Hallmark Channel has been dedicated to bringing viewers quality content that comforts and inspires. We are most known for our heartwarming tales of hope, love, and togetherness during what we have deemed “the holiday season.” However, this year, we are diversifying the holidays we emphasize, and we are proud to announce that we are releasing a new slate of movies exclusively for Presidents’ Day. Grab a slice of traditional Commander-in-Beef Wellington, cuddle up by the Presidents’ Day tree, and get ready for your happily-ever-Taft-er!

UnPresidented Times

Presidents’ Day is only a few days away, and Christy, a cherry tree farmer, depends on holiday sales of her trees. But she’s worried people won’t be in the mood to celebrate Presidents’ Day this year — and rightfully so — because the president has disappeared!

While the rest of the country is focused on finding the young, single president, Christy is focused on trying to help her town remember there’s more to Presidents’ Day than knowing the whereabouts of the president. Presidents’ Day is about camaraderie, joy, and singing all the traditional carols, from “Circle ‘round the Oval Office” to “Inaugurate My Heart.”

Thankfully, a stranger shows up in her small town to help everyone find the meaning of Presidents’ Day, and to help Christy find love. But doesn’t this stranger look a little familiar?…


Jody has it all: She’s just graduated from a top dental school and started a high-paying job fixing teeth for the rich and famous of New York City. But the ivory (or enamel) tower isn’t all Jody thought it was cracked up to be. It’s demanding, isolating work, and, even worse, the office doesn’t even close for or recognize Presidents’ Day. If Jody wants to fit in, she’s got to give up on the holiday.

The week before Presidents’ Day, Jody decides to go home to her small town. Within minutes of arriving home, a mysterious person reaches out to her for emergency dental help, and his teeth are anything but ordinary. Jody’s never worked on false teeth made entirely of wood before, but there’s something thrilling about it, and something even more magical about her new patient, George. Will George help her find the real meaning of Presidents’ Day, and also love along the way?

A Presidents’ Day Carol

Carol owns a flower shop in a small town, and she hates Presidents’ Day. She doesn’t give her employees time off to celebrate, she refuses to put up a Cherry Tree or have a stump speech stump, and she most certainly will not tolerate the constant and inescapable sound of Presidents’ Day music from every sound system in town the month leading up to the holiday.

But on Presidents’ Day eve, everything changes when Carol is visited by three spirits who help her realize Presidents’ Day isn’t the problem, it’s the solution.

Vice Queen

Everyone at college is excited for Presidents’ Day. Everyone, that is, except for Olivia. That’s because everyone Olivia knows is the president of something. The President of the Glee Club, the President of Math Olympiad, the President of Model UN. But Olivia’s never been president of anything. She’s always been vice. Always second best. And how can you get behind a holiday that celebrates winners when you’re never number one?

When Olivia gets a mysterious invitation from someone named Mr. Quayle, everything changes. She is thrown into an elite secret organization where vices are virtuous, VPs are VIPs, and veeps are for keeps–and they are the only ones who can save Presidents’ Day from impending danger! Will Olivia learn how to embrace her role as a vice and embrace Presidents’ Day… before it’s too late?

I’m Dreaming of a White House

When Adeline, a single mom, gets a job painting houses, she never believed she would get to paint the most famous house of all — the White House. And the White House needs to be repainted in time for the biggest celebration it’s ever hosted — Presidents’ Day. There are going to be circus performers dressed as exclusively as Grover Cleveland, a giant bathtub of foam to celebrate Taft’s mythical entrapment in a bath, and 50 marching bands from around the country coming to perform the holiday classics. It’s going to be big, and it’s important that the White House look its best.

But, after a request to only paint at night and a terrible mixup, Adeline accidentally paints the house… yellow! The White House Social Secretary, a single dad, insists that she fix this. Will she be able to fix this foible before the Presidents’ Day celebration? Will Presidents’ Day be ruined? And will she stop fighting with the Social Secretary, and start fighting for him?

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