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Controversial influencer MisterStrang3 (Kevin S.) has found success in a saturated online space by embracing dark humor and going against the grain of political correctness. In his personal life, Kevin is a nursing student, bartender, and aspiring actor who started creating content to spread joy. He draws inspiration from calling out topics people avoid and pushing boundaries in a charismatic way without being outright offensive.

Kevin has had his TikTok account banned multiple times but has started new ones, seeing no issue balancing controversies. Though his edgy content limits brand deals, Kevin gets good business from those willing to take a chance on real engagement. Competing with past top-performing videos is challenging, as is overcoming assumptions people make about his personality based on his videos.

The Fine Lines Of Relatable Dark Humor With MisterStrang3

Who is Kevin Off Camera? 

The Fine Lines Of Relatable Dark Humor With MisterStrang3The Fine Lines Of Relatable Dark Humor With MisterStrang3

“I’m pretty much the same; I just do more outside of content creation,” he tells us. Aside from being the go-to guy online for dark humor, Kevin is also a nursing student, bartender, and aspiring actor. 

With so much going on in his life, Kevin chose the unsaturated niche of controversial humor as it allows him to be himself and efficiently juggle more than one profession,and showcase his ability to excel in multiple professional realms. 

What Inspired You To Start Content Creation? 

The Fine Lines Of Relatable Dark Humor With MisterStrang3

The Fine Lines Of Relatable Dark Humor With MisterStrang3

“I’ve always been the funny guy in class. So I was like, let me see if I can make people I don’t even see smile by making videos, so spreading joy is my main motive.” 

“Another reason I do this is because I’ve had a lot of people tell me I was never going to amount to anything, causing me to be spiteful throughout it all, and giving me unlimited motivation.” 

What is the inspiration behind new videos? 

“I see the whole thing as just talking about what is real. Dark Humor is real: people may want to classify it as controversial, but in reality, it’s as real as it gets. 

So one of my main inspirations is talking about what other people choose to avoid, those statements that get people to say, “Wow, that’s out of pocket.” 

“The balance of creating controversial content can be tricky at times, but I like to think of it as a charismatic thing more than blatant or offensive if done properly.” 

“Another source of inspiration for me is broadening my target market. I’m not limited to just dark humor, instead; I like to tick all the boxes with my strange take on things while being relatable to similar minds.”

How Do You Deal With Cancellation And Restrictions?

“As I mentioned earlier in this interview, I have more than one thing going on in my life, and I am not betting on my influencer career to make it big; I just do it because I genuinely enjoy making people laugh.”

“I have had my TikTok account banned multiple times, and I just create new ones and try to balance things better moving forward.” 

Kevin believes that his advantage lies in being his authentic self in a time where the fear of cancel culture is causing other creators to put on a mask when on camera.

Tell us about the creative process behind your videos. 

How Does Your Content Affect Profitability? 

“Due to the nature of my videos, many brands will hesitate to work with me. However, I still get good business and deliver exceptional results,” he tells us. 

Kevin adds, “Honestly, I believe that brands willing to overlook the controversial elements and collaborate will get much better results than those playing it safe. 

“My followers are loyal to my craft and are more likely to take recommendations from me than someone else who is staging and scripting the whole video.”

Although finding the right brand to collaborate with may be slightly more challenging for MisterStrang3 than for other creators, he is convinced that his level of authenticity is an advantage for companies with similar brand values

What Were Some Of The Hardest Moments For You Coming Up? 

Trying To Compete With Previous Results

“Let’s say I posted a video that hit millions and really pleased my audience yesterday; I then feel obligated to make the next one perform even better or match it.” 

He explains, “It’s more of a quality matter; you never want to put out something less than what was before it, and it’s hard to accept that you won’t always do better numbers.”

The Assumptions People Make About Me

“I find that many people who’ve come across my videos generally assume that they know who I am and make broad assumptions that are often incorrect, and it comes off as disingenuous.” 

Kevin elaborates by explaining that acting skills and painting the overall picture as if the situation was happening before your eyes is what differentiates his dark humor, and that specific level of skill is often misinterpreted as his personality. 

What Tips Do You Have For Aspiring Creators and Comedians that Look Up to You? 

Do a Good Job Communicating Your Joke

“As a creator, communicating your idea to the fullest and most relatable level puts you in the position of a director; it should never be just the initial joke. The deliverance must be accompanied by other elements like sound effects, background noise, and more to make it better reciprocated.”

You Have To Be Funny

Dark humor is no hit or miss; things can easily go south for you if your ideas are “mid” or overly offensive. You need to work on the balance, but if you’re not known as that guy who rarely cracks a bad one, stay away from it.  

Execute Without Overthinking The Idea 

“The main reason creators post is because they let their ideas go to waste, predicting how people might feel about it. There is certainly a balance, but if you’re confident your idea is funny, execute it immediately and don’t overthink things till you find an excuse.”

What Is Your Long-term Objective?

“I love acting, and further advancement in that area is what I work towards; I’m going to keep doing what I’m good at and opening up new doors.” 

Kevin wraps up his answer with, “I  just do it for the strange community I’ve built, my name in MisterStrang3, and I do it for my people.” 


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